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Found 6 results

  1. 通过查找TruckersMP文件夹,可以不难发现其客户端使用的字体为Open Sans。由于该字体包不包含中文、日文等非拉丁字符的字库,会导致游戏内TruckersMP窗口中的中文无法正常显示,影响部分功能的正常使用。 之前就有论坛大佬给出了替换TruckersMP客户端字体的方式 (点击下方Widget可查看该教程),我们可以使用类似的方法用含中文字库的字体替换TruckersMP客户端使用的字体以使中文正常显示。 替换具体步骤如下: Ⅰ. 下载准备替换的字体 点击下方链接下载↓ >>下载链接<< *该链接由sharemods.com提供,可能会有广告存在,请注意辨别。 Ⅱ. 操作系统内操作 1. 在桌面按住"Win+R"打开"运行"窗口,输入"C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data"后点击回车 2. 将压缩包内的"shared_mod"文件夹解压缩并复制到该刚才打开的窗口中 3. 之后便可像往常一样运行TruckersMP,你会发现游戏中的中文已正常显示 替换成功后的同步器截图 版权声明 本人并非本教程所需字体的第一手发布者,本教程所需字体仅供学习交流,可能无法用于商用。
  2. Suggestion Name:Chinese font support Suggestion Description:Hello, I want to feedback a question about the use of Chinese font garbled in chat, Chinese players can not use Chinese in the chat, will display such unknown fonts, we have to use pinyin input, I hope to join Chinese With the support of fonts, Chinese players like this online platform. Any example images: Why should it be added?:Convenient for Chinese players to communicate
  3. Hello! I want change font in the truckersmp but I have little problem (look at the picture) What can I do with this?
  4. Pretty simple request really: The colour of private messages when they're received is white which is easily hidden among the other text within the chat, sometimes resulting in the text being not even seen. Can the colour of private messages be changed so that they won't be missed! Not much to really say other than that but please consider this! I have not had time to make an example for you, sorry. Jobawick
  5. When i go to log in the words on the buttons and chat are not visable i have .9.1 installed but i cant play becuase the chat is usable but cant see any messages
  6. Mod Version: Controllers Used: g27 Description of Issue: Does not displayed correctly fonts. Before update fonts are displayed correctly. How to reproduce: install the update and run the game Screenshots / Videos:
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