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  1. Hello, When I try to start the TruckersMP application on my PC, the following error message is popping up. I tried reinstalling the client, but nothing happened. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/kymlz8
  2. So my MP and SP keep "crashing" but not really crashing, cuz it freezes and then my loading screen appears and after its done it works for about 5 minutes! I had the fatal crash error also a few days ago but now this happend ! Plz help!!
  3. Hello, I "upgraded" to windows 8.1 from a win 8 machine and since the update of OS, I haven't been able to launch ETS2MP. As soon as I start the launcher, it comes up with an error message titled "Connection Error - Retry?" From there, there is a bunch of text that you can read on the image below. I have reinstalled the launcher multiple times, and ran it as administrator couple times aswell. I have also downloaded and installed both 32 and 64bit version of .NET Framework.4.6.2. I have also restarted my computer inbetween the installations of both the .NET and launcher. Nothing seems to fix the issue. Clicking "OK" on the error message allows me to enter the launcher, but I can't see any images on the launcher and I can not install available updates, another error message pops up titled the same, saying "An exception occurred during a WebClient request. Press OK to retry" Retrying never works and the error messages keeps coming up. I'm out of options, can't find this exact error message anywhere else.
  4. Hello, can you help me with that i trying everything from old post about this error.
  5. Błąd taki jak w tytule, dobrze wskazałem pliki ETS przy instalowaniu. Proszę o pomoc, pozdrawiam.
  6. Hi, when I go to play truckersmp, it sais "an error occurred while contacting our update servers" I tried all i found, but no one works for me. Here is a Screenshot
  7. Sunting


    Topic Title: ETS2MP MAP TruckersMP ID:2129668 URL: https://ets2map.com/ Server Time / Date: taipei time 2018.7.27 pm 11:01 How to reproduce: no player Browser: Google Screenshots / Videos: https://imgur.com/a/4fofhiE
  8. Hello Guys, my friend bought yesterday 2 New DLC´s For Euro Truck Simulator 2 this DLCs are working on Singleplayer but not in Multiplayer. the other Topics with the same Problem with tag [SOLVED] Dosent fix this problem. i hope you can help me and my friend best regards Patrick [CG] UnitedRider [GER] https://imgur.com/a/iWT9Jg7 The Picture up of the text is mine the picture below is of my friend https://imgur.com/a/iIBHb1x
  9. Guys, such a question. When you turn on the game, a connection error occurs. What do you tell me? Already tried everything, once every two hours he starts up the game.
  10. Please,help me.I try Press the Windows Key + R (Win+R) on your keyboard Enter "%programdata%" and press Enter (without the quotes) Find the folder "TruckersMP" and delete that folder. Navigate to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher" Go to our website and re-download and install the Launcher with admin privileges https://truckersmp.com/download/ or Open any VPN program and try again. Пожалуйста,помогите.Вчера играл,всё нормально было.Сегодня захожу в мп и вылазиет ошибка. Пробывал переустанавливать по совету выше,заходил с впн,запускал от имени Администротора не помогает.
  11. Hello. After launching ETS2MP, occured error: Ping test shows no connection to server: Tried find fix from here, but without result. Reinstalling game and launcher, rebooting router, disabling firewall, lauching as administrator, cleaning %appdata%, %temp%, ProgramData, updating .NET Framework, port forwarding 42860, 42880, 42890, 42999 ports not helping.
  12. Good morning, I'm here again asking for a brief help, When I started to play truckers mp, I did not have American Truck, I bought but on entering the game he asks for verification of Truckers MP, I'm going to Check, Appears Next Message, We Are Checking Now, Please Come Back In A Couple Of Minutes. But Ja It's been 10 hours since you've been like this. I would like you to solve my problem. Thank you
  13. Sunting


    Help.... https://imgur.com/a/EFlYzxx
  14. I need help. I cant open SP. I only use bonded containers. https://imgur.com/a/AbO8xiI
  15. Hi, Everything was fine until this moment, I go to my account through the client, I write that my account is not correct. Changed the password, I enter the same, all is not true, changed email, everything also. Offline is normal. Please, help. P.s client updated. I copied the mail or password from the notepad, the same error. Data is all true.
  16. When i start the launcher i get this notification : Tried re-installing but doesn't helpt
  17. i am trying to access MP but keep getting this error, everything on my laptop is up to date including .NET I use bit defender but have white listed the games and the MP launcher. i have re-installed multiple tijmes and continuously get the same error, can anyone help?
  18. The thing is like this. I suddenly couldn't afford sii last night. I used 3 files. Also unable to unlock sii. But I used the "unopened stand-alone .mp" file that can be opened. My Decrypt:SII_Decrypt.exe 1.3 video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgAwEdsHA7E&feature=youtu.be
  19. Čauky boys, dneska jsem zapl TruckersMP, a vyhodilo mi to toto, https://ctrlv.cz/jW8Q Zkusil jsem restart steamu, reinstall truckersmp, ale pořád mi to nefiči, kdyby tu byl někdo kdo by věděl co s tím, tak bych byl rád kdyby jste mi napsali Díky, javierko.
  20. Hi, has anyone had such a problem or similar and could help? blad truckers rp.bmp
  21. Hello all! I have been having this problem for over 24 hours since the update on TMP. When I launch TMP, the current path version still says Then when I click on "Install Available Updates", it goes through the motion and comes back saying I should Install updates on that same TMP window. Opened multiple launcher windows and yet, same error. I have uninstalled completely(from both Control Panel and from Program Data and even gone as far as emptying the Recycle Bin) and re-installed the program over 12 times and yet, it still comes up with that same problem. I have become restless. Please is there someone out there who can help me? Link to a picture of the launcher taking a minute ago: http://prntscr.com/jjou9a Thank you
  22. Hola, me sale un error de version incompatible que no puedo solucionar, el otro dia, cuando lo desvargue, me paso lo mismo, pero fui a steam y cambie a la version de beta mas moderna (eso que supuestamente hay que hacer) pero ahora al parecer ha habido una nueva actualizacion o algo y me salto otra vez ese error, volvi a steam y habia otra version mas moderna, la descargue, pero me sigue saliendo ese error. ¿Como podria solucionarlo? Un saludo. Gracias
  23. Guest

    TruckersMP - ERROR

    When I start the game, "Game process can not be created." gives the error, please help... Thanks Best regards...
  24. have been playing with the mp mod for the past couple of days with no issue, however i restarted my game today and after closing i went to launch when i received the following error https://gyazo.com/5c6560cc73b6a597b952d3e619eae87b I have attempted reinstalling, rebooting, restarting steam, launching game with out mod (which worked fine but mod still not launch), running as admin. i also looked though the forums and could not see similar issue. running windows 10 so it is not the win 7 issue. Please any help will be greatly appreciated ! Naua
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