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  1. Thanks @General18 !!! Now works perfectly in singleplayer and muntiplayer.
  2. Hi. Thanks for your reply but I have promods correctly, otherwise it would not work in the singleplayer. I am 99% sure that there is a problem with the the change of ets2 documents directory, because i have played truckersmp with promods in the past when i have the mods on SSD and it works fine. I dont have any junction or something like that, only -homedir in steam launch parameters
  3. My problem is simple. I can play with any problem singleplayer with promods activated, but when i go to play online, appear a "One or more required promods file is not found" message and I cant. I have the ETS2 document folder move from C to D, if this can be the problem (also, i have in ets2 launch parameters -homedir and the new directory)
  4. Hi Recently, SCS update ETS2 to and TruckersMP only support When i start truckersmp, i get an error about versions. I have tried to downgrade the game to 1.32, but when i do this downgrade, it download an older version that the TruckersMP supported ( How can I fix that error?
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