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  1. So my Sp and Mp keep crashing after about 5-10 mins in the game. I have tried re-installing the game, doing the program data thing, checking the integrity of game files and many more but none of them worked! What am I supposed to do?? Help me fast! Please I need you Community to help me!! Thanks for your time!! Also here is my game file log game.log.txt
  2. I tried that guide also, but thanks! I am going to send you a video, but not now cuz its bedtime for me unfortunately. but tommorow sounds good for me! i just cant explain that my problem!
  3. So my MP and SP keep "crashing" but not really crashing, cuz it freezes and then my loading screen appears and after its done it works for about 5 minutes! I had the fatal crash error also a few days ago but now this happend ! Plz help!!
  4. Thanks dude, you are the best only this solution worked for me. I watched so many guides and tutorials and none worked out! literally you are the best!
  5. Thanks Soul Knight, but i did thise things and it still crashes!
  6. First of all i dont really know where i can get the crash log file, second i don't use any mods! Also new update it doesn't crash so it gives me a message ( only sometimes), it kinda freezes for 5 seconds and then it gives me that loading screen with those spotlight images.... and where i am heading (i hope you understand). And yeah, the crash message is called fatal error and it says smth and then at the end it asks me if i want to send a file or smth in that way to the game developers!
  7. They didn't really, but thanks! Also thanks to the others
  8. what should i install?? What steam file if its the game files i did that several times
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