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Found 5 results

  1. How long is the development of new EuroTruck update is gonna take? I bought the DLC at the release date but I didn't wanted to play it offline cause I like to be surrounded by real people when I play, expecially in a time like this where socializing is really important to feel less alone...I bought Iberia DLC and didn't play it yet cause I wanna play it ONLINE, with you guys, so...How long is it gonna take before we are gonna be able to play the new update together? How long is this development of the 1.40 is gonna take? Are you guys working on it?
  2. Well, I´ve been out of MP for a while after some annoying stuff from some moderators and after my vacations, so I just want to suggest something which I´m not sure I already suggest or read in anywhere else. Suggestion Name Development Progress Sharing Suggestion Description Create a Main Topic (fixed) or any other kind of informative window in the Web-site / Forum so all the users can read what the devs are working in. Any development Project has it´s own Task Manager to organize the priorities of planned stuff, let´s make it public, somehow. Any example images Some weeks ago could look like: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WORK IN PROGRESS (0.2.0) 1. Support for Prehistoric DLC paintjob OK 2. Support for OpenGL OK 3. New launcher IN PROGRESS 4. Fixed collisions in trailer at companies IN PROGRESS 5. Synchronized driver plates NOT YET 6. Fixed rotation after spawn NOT YET 7. ... FUTURE FEATURES 1. Weather Sync. 2. ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why should it be added? - Community will have the feeling of "work" from development team. - Players will know the features working on and give feedback which could help improving them. - Players could realize about "planned" or "long time" future work not to repeat suggestions which nowadays are being rejected because of "needing time"
  3. Suggestion Name: Development progress Suggestion Description: Let the community in on the current development progress! What I mean by that, is that you should make a pinned topic, or something along those lines, where you give us a clear overview on how the development of the mod is going. I know we have a forum section where you can read through numerous of accepted or rejected suggestions, but there are a lot of the same suggestions with small variations, and overall slightly messy. (In my opinion). In the topic or post or whatever is chosen, I suggest you put a list of features you are planning on implementing, and maybe even give a percentage next to each feature to show what's being worked on, and how far it's come. Any example images: This is an example from the old forums, which in my opinion was great to have. Why should it be added? Mainly to give the community something to keep an eye on. First of all, I think this will prevent a lot of already accepted suggestions to be made twice, considering they will have a well structured overview of what is to come. Personally I love to watch how the mod is developing, and will also stop people from complaining about something that is known, and being worked on. Also, as a side note, when a new update is released, it would be great to know what had actually been done, as "Fixed bugs" is not really informative. Even though bugs have been fixed, it would be nice to know which bugs have been fixed. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks for reading!
  4. Hi. Is there anyone else which have the following error, or have experienced it? The error looks like this: I just can't find out how to solve it? I can like play for one or two minutes, then it crashes and give me this error. It's like the 10th time I get this error?
  5. Hello everybody! I have to say, this is a really great mod. I enjoy trucking with my friend for hours. Now I am asking myselft, how could I help developing the mod. Is it open source? I have a few ideas, which I think I could implement on my own (like a friends list etc.). Sincerly, Nico.
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