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Found 11 results

  1. Oyunda yeniyim o yüzden pek bilgim yok. Oyunu ilk açtığım zaman ilk teslimat her zaman süresi bitmiş şekilde başlıyor o yüzden hiç TP ve Para vermiyor. Sorun bende mi?
  2. Suggestion Name: Collision vs Non-collision handling Suggestion Description: I think that the collision of trucks outside of non-collision zones with trucks inside non-collision zones can be improved to help with the chaos in front of these zones, and the incapability of players to form a queue for entering and exiting such zones. Especially for company areas where trucks drive onto the parking dialog field and stop, with their trailer still reaching out of the zone. Currently non-collision only works for trucks within the zone, as trucks outside of the zone still collide with those that have no collision, which sounds like a paradox in itself. It would be helpful if all truck were unable to collide with trucks in a non-collision area. I am aware of the gameplay setting of always choosing a delivery spot automatically, but it seems that most players do not know of this option and so every time someone drives onto a company area to deliver their trailer they will block all other players from entering until they've picked their spot and accelerated again. This causes an unnecessary line and people start overtaking while others are trying to exit and suddenly you have Calais-like traffic for no good reason. If you'd like an example of such situations you just have to watch a random Idiots on the road, there's always at least one clip of trucks flipping and stuff because they collide with trucks that are inside the non-collision area. Any example images: As you can see on this image, truck A is standing on the delivery/pickup dialog trigger (white square) inside the non-collision zone, and is therefore in non-collision mode. However if truck B tried to drive onto the area, it would be blocked by the trailer of truck A, because truck B is not in non-collision mode yet. Instead truck B should be unable to collide with truck A in this situation. The same is true for exiting. Often a truck leaves the non-collision zone but the trailer is still partially inside the non-collision zone. Many players do not realise the implications and queue up touching (or being inside) the trailer, which usually results in flipping the truck that is currently leaving, even tho the truck that causes the flip is still inside the non-collision area. And too often does truck C think that truck B is stupid or something and tries to overtake which results in even worse situations. Why should it be added?: Take this suggestion as a follow-up improvement of this one: Extending the non-collision zones would not help this situation at all, the problem would still be the same, but just move to somewhere else. Instead I am positive that if collision detection is changed, it would make entering and exiting non-collision areas much less frustrating and less prone to bad drivers.
  3. Suggestion Name: expert parking Suggestion Description: docking with a HTC, sow revers it. optional in menu-game-deliveryskill Why should it be added?: to have a real challenge. Any example images: << LKW Amsterdam
  4. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue. When I log in sometimes ( more than less) I see no jobs anywere with or without a trailer, I have been playing since 2014 and have not come across this until recently. Sometimes I can reset the job board if I fast travel to other part of the map or remove my trailer. Sometimes even when I remove my trailer all the jobs I can see are special or heavy hauling jobs. Sometimes I only see 3 jobs (Ventalation shafts or pipes) and nothing else. is there something I am missing? any help or advise would be greatly appretiated.
  5. I'm new to PC gaming and ETS2 multiplayer and after creating a new profile I completed the first job which was no more than 30 seconds away. After completing it, I was told it was late by a long time, i can't even do any jobs on the market because there aren't any there. I've looked at money and XP mods that I've found out are ok with multiplayer, but no luck there. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. So I just played my first half an hour in multiplayer and I encountered the late delivery bug (when the game tells you you were X amount of days late for delivery even though you were not), and now I can't see any quick jobs in either multiplayer or singleplayer. (1) Does this bug only happen once? And is it preventable? (2) Did the bug cause the empty jobs list? And if so, how can I solve it? Thank you.
  7. EzBear


    Hi i have a problem. I going to do a delivery from WoT with my friend but we both get FATAL ERROR/something like that. The delivery was canceled and we want to get another one but we cant because the game says we get one delivery and we cant do more The problem is I cant do any delivery Plz help POLISH ja z kolegą chciałem zrobić dostawę z wota lecz wyskoczył nam FATTAL ERROR/ lub coś w ten styl. Gra anulowała dostawę lecz gdy chcę wziąść kolejną gra mówi że nie mogę ponieważ mam nie dokończoną dostawe PROBLEM jest taki ze nie moge robić żadnych zleceń PROSZĘ O POMOC
  8. So I was about to finish a load, and almost to my destination my controller stopped responding, so I restarted my computer and finished my load, when I finished it said I was 95 hours late, how is that possible if I was only off the server for a few minutes?
  9. Hey truckers I think I saw a post about this a while back but I cant remember what was said about the matter. Im just wondering what is up with the in-game time. It seems as though if I stop playing and then start playing a few hours later my delivery is late. Does the game work in real time or what? Not a problem as I already have so many hours in MP that I've gotten used to it. Just wondering how the time is calculated. Thanks BellamyCraft
  10. Hello, and thanks if you can fix this: So I played ETS2MP Yesterday perfectly fine, and then I was on my profile and delivered, and then my game crashes. Not saving my money or job and I did that for nothing! I have the crash error, and I looked around and none of them offered a fix. I hadnt changed any of my settings and this suddenly happened. I have the notepad file for you to look at game.crash.txt
  11. So the problem is, everytime i delivered a container and parked it, a window shows up with stats (amound of EXP Points, money...etc...). When the stats showed up, you have to press on a button to PROCEDE but everytime i press that button, ETS2MP crashes...i already patched the Version to the compatible version of the ETS2MP version...no difference! In Singleplayer everything works perfektly Heres my crash-report: http://pastebin.com/m2ZpwDXm
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