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Found 3 results

  1. Addon Custom Parts For TruckersMP This Mod was designed for players who like to "Save Edit". Working on TruckersMP v.1.38, this mod adds parts from other trucks into one. It was made to work only with parts that fit together, that is, there will be no parts that will be buggy in your truck. How to use: 1. link the mod in the mod manager and activate it. 2. Buy your truck and add your customization. 3. after customizing it to your liking, save the game and go online. If you want to modify any part, enter offline mode with the mod enabled and modify it. Do not do this in Online, as you will lose your customization. Dlc required; - Actros Tuning Pack - FH Tuning pack - Mighty Griffin tuning pack - Xf Tuning pack Trucks with this customization; - Scania R 2016 (v1.0) - Scania S 2016 (v1.0) - Scania R 2009 (v1.0) -Scania Streamline (v1.0) -Volvo FH16 Classic (v1.0) -Volvo FH16 2012 (v1.0) -Daf XF105 (v1.0) -Daf XF (v1.0) -Mercedes Actros MP3 (v1.0) -Mercedes Actros MP4 (v1.0) -Iveco Stralis (v1.0) -Iveco Hiway (v1.0) -Man TGX Euro6 (v1.0) -Renault T (v1.0) It is in BETA, that is, there maybe errors. If you find one or want to give a suggestion for an addon, contact me. Discord: Jasper.#7777 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jasper7777/ TruckersMP: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/226728-jasper/ Good game and I hope you like the MOD ;D Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2262747425
  2. -Suggestion Name: More TruckersMP Scout Car Upgrades. -Suggestion Description: Add more options and customizations to the official car of TruckersMP. -Any Example Images -Why should it be added? I think the Scout car needs more customizations; like engines, paint schemes and additional exterior/interior options. And please have a better engine sounds. I mean, that engine...
  3. Hello fellow truckers! A couple of days ago i had my mind on skins and paintjobs while i was driving in ETS2, and i came over a little idea i think would make ETS2 more creative and more fun to play. The idea is probably mentioned before, but i'll rewrite it again. The idea is that you can skin and paint your truck with custom made decals. A decal system like they have in APB: Reloaded & CoD: Black ops. So that you can make your own decals with basic made decals and put them on your truck, as well as putting in custom numbers, letters, symbols & color. This would make the game more fun and creative to see what people want to do with their truck. As well as putting those things in and paintjob that has been released by SCS. So, tell me what your thought is and if i should go any further with this. You guys have probably been thinking about this yourself, and SCS have probably thought about this as well. So let me your opinion about this idea, and if it gets positive respone i will bring it further, but with too much negative i will let it be for the time being. Greetings!
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