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Found 7 results

  1. Witam, problem wygląda następująco: Kiedy gram i ktoś coś do mnie mówi przez CB Radio to strasznie słabo go słychać, wszystkie suwaki głośności związane z CB Radiem na full a ludzie jakby szeptali do mikrofonu, jest to uciążliwe ponieważ ludzie muszą "ryknąć" do mikrofonu abym coś słyszał. Da się to jakkolwiek naprawić?
  2. After the last updates (idk exactly which of them) the cb radio "display" has stopped showing the channel and generally working.
  3. Nie moge włączyć cb radia, postepuje zgodnie z instrukcjami i brak efektu.
  4. Suggestion Name: Have the option when purchasing or customising a Scout car, To add or remove CB Radio. Suggestion Description: It would be nice to be able to add/remove the CB Radio in the scout car. As I don't really like it on the dashboard. I like a clean dashboard. Any example images: With - http://i.imgur.com/owL4oyN.jpg Without - http://i.imgur.com/hPuFlno.jpg Why should it be added?:It gives people the option if they like a clean dashboard.
  5. Well , I have a problem with the CB-radio... It works... but it doesn't. I can speak to my friends and the little speaker displays in bottom right , they can hear me but when they respond i cannot hear them and there is no nicknames in top left of the screen. I am connected to Channel 19 , My Headphones work perfectly with other voice comunicators and the game sounds and the settings are set to as loud as possible. Can any one help ? I was looking through the forums yet I could not find an answer :c
  6. Hi I have a problem with voice chat in multiplayer. When i press "v" people can hear me, but i cannot hear others. I also cannot see peoples icons in upper left corner when they speak. My CB radio is ON and its on right channel (19), also in mulstiplayer options i got all sound on maximum. I never had problem with my sound. My mike and sound works in all other programs and aplications. This is a list what im done and it did not works: - Reinstall ETS2 - Reinstall ETS2 multi - Uninstalled old sound drivers and installed new one
  7. Witam, mam problem z CB Radio. Jeśli powiem coś przez CB Radio i jadę z kolegą to kolega mówi, że powiedziałem w grze a inni odpowiadają i w tym jest problem, że nie słyszę innych na CB Radio. Mikrofon działa a w ETS2 wszystko podgłośnione na max. Proszę o pomoc. Pozdrawiam
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