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  1. I see many people have identical problem and no one was able to fix it, so i have a theory about this problem. I dont know but maybe in-game comunication program selected diffrent output sound device. For example, in teamSpeak you can choose with one output and input sound device you want to use, so maybe similar thing are in this in-game comunication program.
  2. Are you using any sound program like voice meter? No. I found a thread with same problem where some guy have identical problem and he managed to fix this problem, but there's no post with a solution.
  3. Have you also got problem hearing the game sounds for example the horn? No, horns and all game sounds works fine I see your are new in TruckersMP so I can't ask you when the problem started Problem starter from the beginning. I see you got banned for CB abuse Yes i see, but my ban for CB radio "abuse" will Expires in couple of hours, so there's no problem to propose a solution
  4. @abtrain Yes i have it on max
  5. Hi I have a problem with voice chat in multiplayer. When i press "v" people can hear me, but i cannot hear others. I also cannot see peoples icons in upper left corner when they speak. My CB radio is ON and its on right channel (19), also in mulstiplayer options i got all sound on maximum. I never had problem with my sound. My mike and sound works in all other programs and aplications. This is a list what im done and it did not works: - Reinstall ETS2 - Reinstall ETS2 multi - Uninstalled old sound drivers and installed new one
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