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  1. I can hear normal game sounds its just the CB-Radio ... I have windows 7
  2. @MrJonton01 [Security/GER] yes they are
  3. @Kubuntu @Caio {ES-BR} It is set to default and still is not working. @NigtwishThe sound from the game is heard and it is only the problem with the CB-Radio @MrJonton01 [DRK/1-MTD-1] https://imgur.com/a/gGShkYR
  4. Well , I have a problem with the CB-radio... It works... but it doesn't. I can speak to my friends and the little speaker displays in bottom right , they can hear me but when they respond i cannot hear them and there is no nicknames in top left of the screen. I am connected to Channel 19 , My Headphones work perfectly with other voice comunicators and the game sounds and the settings are set to as loud as possible. Can any one help ? I was looking through the forums yet I could not find an answer :c
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