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Found 6 results

  1. Instead of a car, truckersmp programmers can launch a bus
  2. I believe that if developers added other cars to players, Euro Truck Simulator 2 MultiPlayer would be much more interesting and would bring more success to MultiPlayer mode. Add cars like: '' Skyline '' https://ets2.lt/en/nissan-skyline-gtr-r34-v2-0/ ... Some buses and bus trips, such as: '' EAA BUS '' http: //www.ets2world.com/eaa-bus-map-v5-1-update-1-35-ets2/ ... It would be much more interesting and would arouse more interest in many more users ... And if adding more car options to the '' Simulator '' in '' MultiPlayer '' mode would be much more interesting and not just a
  3. Suggestion Name: Scania Touring 1.34.x Suggestion Description:Features bus: - independent bus model - hiqh quality 3D model - hiqh quality detailed interior - hiqh quality detailed exterior - passangers seats - the model has own interior– the model has AO Texture – A lot of Options And Addons – Interior Accessory DLC Ready! – Template Ready! - Indonesia Flag Cabin addon- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer - the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat - the choice of engine power - the choice of transmission and g
  4. От скуки решил покопаться в интернете, а именно на ресурсах от SCS Software. Наткнулся на интереcную статью, которую нам поведали ребята из SCS Software ещё в марте 2013-го. Как они утверждают, что Euro Coach Simulator находится на стадии экспериментальной версии. Вот парочку скринов: Правда, замечательные? Увидев эту статью, примерно, 4 месяца назад, я задался себе вопросами: - А когда? А где? К сожалению, информации ни о самой разработки, ни о дате релиза я не нашёл. Спустя время, я про него и совсем забыл. Понял, что разработку заморозили из-за акцента
  5. Hej wszyscy Co myslicie o utworzeniu Wirtualnej Spedycji w grze OMSI 2, wszystkie systemy takie jak w vs w Ets2 tylko ze pare rzeczy miało by sie zmienic, np ze kazdy kierowca miał by przypisaną swoją linie itd. Dajcie znac co myslicie
  6. Dear Mod developers of Truckersmp, With due respect, I want to inform you that I'm a proud member of Truckersmp and I really enjoy your mod. As a member of your great community, I have a small request for you guys. Since you have introduced Scout cars in the game, there is a great possibility that you can bring buses into the game too. I have driven many buses beside trucks offline and have some knowledge about the buses that would be suitable for the multiplayer. Fabio Contier's Marcopolo G7 1200 and Volvo B12B TX would be the most suitable bus in this online game. Both Marcopolo
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