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  1. I have been reading the DBus documentation and I will look to see if I can find something, if not I will simulate the stops and that's it. For what the bus gives in money. It's a shame because of the animations and so on. Thanks for your answer!
  2. Hello, I am interested in creating a custom bus route on the alpine route. I have been traveling it with the bus and it is an incredible route, having to give way to downhill trucks in the curves and having to trace these in a slow way trying not to leave the lane. It is the same as the routes in the northern part of Spain where I live. On this route there are many bus stops on the map and I would like to be able to add them to a route. I have seen that there is a way to create bus lines, but these need the coordinates of the city bus stations on the map. Is there any way to create other bus stops than those already created? For example the stops that as I say this route has on the side of the road or even stops in small lay-bys on the road. Thanks to all and good route!
  3. I support this idea, nowadays if you don't use your high beams constantly it is very easy to end up crashing at night if there is still traffic in front of you.
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