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Found 6 results

  1. How to change my login background? You can change the background by modifying the file. 1. Using Win + R, into the Programdata Files. -> The programdata file is hidden on the operating system. Open the file by pressing the Win + R keys and typing "%Programdata%". 2. If you open programdata files, goto "TruckersMP/data/ets2_mod/ui" folder -> Edit this file to modify your background 3. If you open ui folder, you can't find anything that background set. -> Find the background picture you want and rename it to "backgroud0.png", "background1.png", "background2.png" and paste it into that folder. If you have completed up to step 3, the setting is complete. Q: I can't find ets2_mod files. What Can I do? A: if you can't find ets2_mod files or not created, you create it. If you want to more information, please reply to this topic.
  2. Normalmente existem alguns jogadores em que a fotografia de capa fica desfocada ou com o tamanho errado, portanto, este guia ensinará a ter a fotografia com as proporções corretas. Se escolhermos uma fotografia qualquer para colocar como capa, poderá acontecer isto: Para não acontecer isso, deve-se colocar a fotografia com o tamanho de 1800 x 270 pixels Após ter a fotografia com as proporções corretas é só coloca-la como capa:
  3. What is the perfect resolution for TruckersMP forums background photo on my profile? I want it to be nice Andrzej visible and I never know what resolution should I upload. @Tuxy Fluffyclaws
  4. Lowering the music volume doesnt stop the background music in ETS2, i preferable like to have a quiet BG sound I was late for my delivery because i wrote this fourm
  5. Hello guys. Yesterday I bought the game on steam and also downloaded the multiplayer. Installation went smoothly, but when I try to launch the MP, I can't see the game - it runs only in the background. Like, I can still see, that eurotrucks2.exe is running, even steam says I'm playing the game, but it only runs as a background process - can't see the game itself. The singleplayer still works just fine though. What I tried - reinstalling the game, reinstalling MP, verifying integrity of game cache, launching the MP in all three modes (normal, directX, openGL), launching the MP as administrator, changing resolution in config file. Nothing helped. Any ideas? Would really love to play the game with my friends. Thanks in advance, YuppLo.
  6. Mod Version: nothing Controllers Used: nothing Description of Issue: Upload a Background File from PC. How to reproduce: Error Code:413 and nginx service say: Request Entity Too Large Screenshots / Videos: None.
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