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Found 4 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Facelift: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Liege, Europort. Suggestion Description: Updating these cities to make them more viable. Any example images: Yes. See Below. Why should it be added?: These areas are in dire need of a facelift. No one has any clue how long it will take SCS. At least give TMP the proper towns it deserves. An added facelift will revive these areas. Liege. Only way to access it is through 2 different highway exit ramps. Layouts of the town are squares. South Exit. North Exit. On map. Issues It's in Belgium, not Netherlands. Checked the map, there is no "A3" in Belgium. Actual identifiers are E25, E40, and E42 on the north side of the city. Rotterdam. A decently sized city in the game. Highway runs past to the south with 2 potentially dangerous crossings. In game. On map. Issues Highway junctions are not safe nor divided. A4 at A15: in game, on map. Doesn't feel much like a city. This was a problem area during the early days of ETS2MP. Before CD Road replaced it. Amsterdam. decently sized. 3 access points from 2 different highways. In game. On map. Issues Highways don't have safe junctions. Lacks a city feeling. Europort. Small area off a highway with 2 access roads. Layout. On map. Issues Not a highway junction. Has potential to be a functioning port area rather then passage for ferry. I realize it will take time and dedication from the asset team. These areas need a facelift and the payout will be worth it. Yes, there's ProMods.
  2. Hello guys, Today I am gonna teach you on how to survive Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Europoort. Step 1: Once you enter Europoort, Rotterdam or Amsterdam, make sure you have a good internet as lag will hit you as soon as you enter. Or make sure you have a good PC as Frames will drop Step 2: Make sure you don't go pass the white lines, stay on the right side. Step 3: Make sure you follow all road rules like the speed limit, braking at traffic lights when red. Using your Indicators/Blinkers. Also check both ways etc, (I would suggest that you slow down once entering all 3 of these places as the traffic can hit at any moment) Step 4: You have to be quick as you can collecting/dropping off your load. Make sure you be careful when it comes to pulling out of the company exits. Step 5: Now you've survived Rotterdam/Amsterdam, you will need to survive the Drop off/Pick Up points.As you would do in convoys, go out 1 by 1 and make sure you're on the right side of the road so you can let the people through which are coming the opposite way. Step 6: Slow down at corners as a lot of people will be speeding round those corners and will cause collisions. . Step 7: Whatever you do, do not stop in the middle of the road or even pull over. wait till you get out of one of the 3 places as you will cause more trouble throughout Them. Think of a scenario. You have just came out from a football match but the car park is jam packed with people trying to get out. Do not hesitate and take it steady. Make sure you wait patiently and obey the road rules. Keep moving and do not stop. (Except when there is traffic) As the Rules do say, parking in Rotterdam/Europoort is forbidden Step 8: When pulling out into a different lane, make sure to check your mirrors as there might be a person already using the lane coming up to you. Now some helpful advice. Step 9: Look out for over takers as they can cut you up at any point. Remember, taking your time is key. Step 10: When pulling into Amsterdam or Rotterdam, make sure you take it steady as there might be oncoming traffic. When you pull in to Rotterdam, make sure you take the lane which is the turning for Rotterdam and make sure it's safe to cross the carriageway. Do not feel like you're being rushed or anything. Be patient. Now some helpful advice. 1. If you are wanting to get through these places quicker. I would suggest getting a recording software like OBS, Fraps etc. and make sure that you record your journey as there are a lot of dangerous drivers. You will be helping the community by reporting those dangerous drivers. I wouldn't suggest using the report system on the game just yet as you are in the middle of these busy places and you can cause a crash and it is quite hard to use the report system whilst driving. 2. Make sure you have your foot on the brake ready incase you need to stop. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this guide and I hoped it help you throughout your journey. Stay safe and happy trucking -Smalley
  3. Hello everyone ı playing ets2mp on 02june2016 and me and friends have get this crash.log error Regards
  4. Guy's I have played ET2 off-line for a long time have a garage and my own truck, works like a dream Yesterday downgraded, ETS2 and installed MP version no problems. Logged in early this morning, completed quick job in Amsterdam and Quit, had a trucker's breakfast, bacon, egg sausage, coffee, logged back on to MP to do some driving When I connected with MP selected the profile and quick jobs nothing. now I cannot see any quick jobs. Questions: How do I restore quick jobs for MP, I found this thread but it is not very clear to me: My questions are in bold Solution 1) Go to My Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 and find config.cfg file and: Change uset g_console to 1 Change uset g_developer to 1 Ok, I have done this. Launch ETS2MP and select your MP profile I did that.. and when you don't have any cargo/job, That is my problem press the ` button which will open the console and type g_force_economy_reset 1 and press ENTER. What button is this, it is the one below @ on UK keyboard? what is the console referred too? does this mean the main dashboard, where all the settings are, radio, world map, etc; if it is it did not work for me by pressing ' screenshot of console would be helpful, for newbies, trying to fix this problem. Then go back to profile screen and select the profile again and a message saying "Game Change detected" should appear which means it worked. Until I can get pass the above I cannot see if this works.. Now once you're in, you want to open the console again and type in g_force_economy_reset 0. After that, just play and your jobs should be reset. If it occurs again, just complete the whole process again. I will keep this for future reference. I am sure there are many players who have experienced this, and maybe some of the more experienced players of MP, would like to post a fix with screenshots for newbie's like me Thanks Guy's, and Gals. Enjoy your Trucking!
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