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  1. Apologies if I did not reply sooner, yes thank you all understood. Enjoy Trucking
  2. Yoyo Thank you, so I should only use ProMods in off line mode?
  3. sko0923 Thank you that worked, do I need to do that everytime I see no jobs? is there a permanent fix? Also are ProMods supported at all in Truckers MP?
  4. Couple ofquestions if anyone can help. I created a new profile for Truckers MP, and the completed my first job., although I was late When I went to pick up the next one, there was nothing, no trucks jobs, zero Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to fix it please? Also all my mods have gone could the two problems be linked?. Not sure but for this profile I am only using ProMods, should I remove them from my mod folder competely Any help will be appreciated as for the one job it was great fun seeing other truckers and I would lik
  5. ETS2 MP Nick: Gremlin MP 02.03.04 Hope this is the right place to post this?? Loving, MP.. I have just finished a short trip Milano and Torino and when I went to select my next job, no jobs showing at any destinations. when I looked at the launchpad it showed "not connected"? could that be the problem? why does this happen and how do I fix it please. Help!! Clive
  6. Thanks, Fallen and MrHarv That worked. Happy Trucking.
  7. I have added some custom lights to my truck. When I go to the option screen I cannot see a setting to get them to work. Can I configure them so they come on separate to the truck lights or do they not work, and are just for show? I have attached a screenshot to show them. It is the two on the bull bars, and the ones across the roof on the light bar. Thank you
  8. Hi Guy's It has sorted itself out since I had to do the latest downgrade to version temporary 1-20 Thanks for the the help, hope to see you guy's out on the road sometime. Happy Trucking
  9. stilldre76, I cannot get into the game, everything is grayed out until I take a quick job, so how do I get to go to sleep.. Scania, The config file I have opened is in my documents, and I cannot see the above two lines. Is there another config file for the MP game or should it be in that off line version.
  10. Guy's I have played ET2 off-line for a long time have a garage and my own truck, works like a dream Yesterday downgraded, ETS2 and installed MP version no problems. Logged in early this morning, completed quick job in Amsterdam and Quit, had a trucker's breakfast, bacon, egg sausage, coffee, logged back on to MP to do some driving When I connected with MP selected the profile and quick jobs nothing. now I cannot see any quick jobs. Questions: How do I restore quick jobs for MP, I found this thread but it is not very clear to me: My questions are in bold Solution 1) Go to My
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