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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Truckers Community. Since when I got to know the multiplayer world of ETS2 I was enchanted and in love with the community, groups of driving enthusiasts with the aim of enjoying a good game and following the traffic rules, and playing with friends and maintaining balance for a moment pleasant for both you and others. I played Euro Truck in offline mode but I didn't have a steering wheel, which made me think about getting one and enjoying a better experience that the game can give... So I decided to join the Truckers community, and I realized that there are a lot of breaking of in-game rules, violations and disturbances of players that do not respect others and contaminate a good gaming experience... I am a very strict person in that aspect, I like to appreciate the order and rules where everyone can play without being disturbed or disturbing. Identifying bad words and hate speech or any type of conduct that goes against the rules of Truckers MP. I would like if it is possible for me to become a moderator, in some kind, someone who can patrol the map to make sure everything is ok, and that no player is being harassed by any trucker, bullied or threatened, blocking the roads, doing a lot of other disturbance stuff that is not good to everyone. I don't know if the community need moderator, admin, Patrols, I don't know the names, I also don’t know what it takes to be one, but one thing I know, I have the will and passion. And I think I could help and contribute in some way to the community, I have a lot of free time and disposition. I am still growing and ranking experience in the game, but since the day I played I saw a lot of disorder and lack of respect violating rules like, blocking passages, hitting other truckers on purpose or not, I realized that there is a way to report, but many violations that I witnessed I would love to take notes and disclose the name and identification of the offender so that he is punished according to the rules of the game. I don't know how it works the recruitment system and what qualifications should be, but I decide to give a try, Because I have been useful in helping mods and admins to select, organize and detect new problems, to maintain a clean and playable environment in some multiplayer games I am good at it, I take it very seriously when I invest my time in a place I am in love, which is driving around Europe seeing beautiful landscapes while listening to good music on the radio and always observing the environment and if everything is fine, I think I was born for that. I apologize for the long text, even if I don't get the moderation title or if this is only for developers or privileged people, I will understand. I appreciate your attention and I am here if anyone need help.
  2. So I was online tonight in one of the US servers..I dont remember which one it was whatever the one was it usually has 300+ people in it...now for the most part it was great but I saw some really bad stuff..people driving through town at 55+Mph running red lights taking up 2 lanes with one truck and passing on shoulders..I got nearly run off the road three times and once by someone who was clearly using a keyboard as he couldn't even keep it between the lines. I gave him ample space as he was hauling an oversize load and swerving all over the place...I let him know on the radio I was coming up on his left and damn near had to ditch the truck when he swerved back into my lane with me in it. Came through one town and there were trucks parked up on all the sidewalks and in the middle of the road and got t-boned by someone running through a stop sign. On average I'm just curious how many admins are actually on and watching for this stuff. Every one of the incidents the drivers should have been on the arcade server and NOT a Simulation server. Maybe its my older age but some of that behavior is just uncalled for. Diesel
  3. Admin seems to have looked at the report, but the report is still new and the required is still not done. Please help me. Thanks in advance
  4. After the last update I can't load goods quickly when I carry my own trailer in multiplayer. In singleplayer mode if it works, at the moment that I accept the work and approach the loading area it already gives me the option to press enter to load the trailer, however in multiplayer mode and promods it makes me park exactly the double trailer in the loading area (sometimes it is impossible to do that). I have the option of gameplay activated in case there was doubt but it doesn't work for me, that's why I put this post.
  5. Недавно я играл в truckersMP, ехал себе спокойно по ГЕРМАНИИ. И проехав 200-250 км на дороге стоят 2 игрока, который блочат проезд и начинают меня троллить, и не только меня кстати. Там после 3-х минутного разговора не с адекватными образовалась пробка. Эти индивидуумы начали утверждать, что это не Германия, а Великобритания, и МЫ не правильно едем. Я кинул 5 репортов им двоим, и думаю не только я.... Но при мне админы не пришли и не забанили их..... Я не помню их ников. Если этот текст не по теме, то извиняюсь. На форуме впервые, и пока не понял, куда подавать жалобу )
  6. I would like to report a bug which I've experienced twice by now, both caused when playing with a keyboard (and those keys attached to the keyboard).. I was in the hour traffic jam of the feared road Duisburg - Calais again, just doing my usual route.. We've been sitting through the chaos of the jam with overtakers, trollers and chaotic situations of ghost drivers for a half hour straight so I was very pleased to see an admin coming online. So, just for a joke I typed: "Half hour of no admin and this is the result!".. Then my horn got stuck just when I sent the message, and I am almost sure it is because I pressed the 'H' button which is my common horn button. I wasn't used to this sound anymore as I always use my airhorns when honking on purpose (can be seen in the video under this topic when someone rammed me coming from the highway), so I couldn't know it was me horn spamming as I didn't do it intentionally! I realized it was me when it was too late, as I got a two day ban for doing so (ironically enough, this is the same ban limit a rammer who earlier intentionally rammed me I reported via the Forum report system including the video evidence got).. To save my fellow keyboard truckers from the pits of hell (the ban void), I would like to make everyone aware of this bug. As I said it's the second time I've experienced something similiar.. Once I was in the same route (different traffic jam) when someone PM'ed me that I had to turn off my lights because it was shining in his mirrors (not high beams, I never have my high beams on with oncoming traffic as the European law applies with that, I do have driving experience of my own in RL because of my driving license). So I set my lights to city lights (dimmed lights) and PM'ed back: "is this clear enough for you?", while I accidentally pressed the same buttons used for the reverse (common button: S) and cruise control (common button: C) and somehow I got the 5 km/h traction (the minimum requirement for the cruise control tolerance) and got stuck in reverse accidentally hitting the car behind me.. I reversed my truck in panic to the sideroad, hitted the parking brake (as it was still going in it's reverse and couldn't be resetted) and explained it wasn't intentional via chat (fixed the problem strangely enough). Fortunately enough, at that time I was lucky enough to have the all-seeing eye of an admin above me who knew about this bug and didn't banned nor kicked me but sent me instead to the service station with his teleporting power. But as you'll see in the video, I wasn't too lucky this time and justice was served for a year long (as long as I started playing the ETS2 Multiplayer) clear of ban history. And; as I already said, ironically justified with the same length an intentional troller will get when you report him/her for ramming via the official webiste report system. Also, a small bug but worth mentioning: when one presses CTRL + Enter to minimize the game and head back to the game and types in chat using the button 'V', when you copied a text earlier it's apper (like CTRL + C for copying and CTRL + V for pasting). Not sure if this is on purpose, but it is quite annoying when you're not expecting it.. The video regarding the horn getting stuck while typing will hopefully speak for itself (title is because I'm still waiting for the admin to remove my unjustified ban), sorry for the typos throughout the explanation as I was in a rush to have my video uploaded within the two day ban limit as it'll expire after two days (yes, I can wait that long but as I said it wasn't justified as I didn't spam on purpose):
  7. I have played MP for two days and about 3 hours play time and already got banned. I am really disappointed by the admins, what i really did was to complain to a god damn maniac that probably drove over 120km/h (i drove 80km/h) and drove straight up on my trailer got 82% damge on the trailer and 34% damge on my truck. I think this is really unfair, for us drivers that actually trying hard to follow the law and be nice to others drivers we are the one that get kicked in the ass. and also there should be an 90km/h speed limiter on every server unless its a (drive how the f*ck you want server) that almost every driver in MP drives like that.
  8. Hello! My Account ban! Reason:Wrong way with ep Yes , I was going backwards , but no one interfered , for it gave me 30 days? not nogova something? when those blocks all port that the server is supposed to give 3 days , ask me to unblock my blocked keyboard because of the younger brother , he pressed the Power button after which I could do nothing , had to shut down and I turned and got into the game as soon as I stopped I flew ban My English is not 100% , and I don't know whether the section has created the topic. I ask me to unlock or change up to 2 days for I am not guilty I know my fault , next time I will play without his brother. The screen could not do , missing text My Nick: Panda again I'm sorry when the player , which I cut and I flodil administrators were 3 online nobody reacted , and how I accidentally broke and then for systemic reasons , I immediately issued a ban for 30 days , what?? who taught you , who is gaining such mediocrity , it's not the admins , and horror. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ets2mpgamerpanda/
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