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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone, today as you know today was the Real Operations V8, what did you like about the event? To me buses, blocked roads and accidents. MY VIDEO:
  2. Недавно я играл в truckersMP, ехал себе спокойно по ГЕРМАНИИ. И проехав 200-250 км на дороге стоят 2 игрока, который блочат проезд и начинают меня троллить, и не только меня кстати. Там после 3-х минутного разговора не с адекватными образовалась пробка. Эти индивидуумы начали утверждать, что это не Германия, а Великобритания, и МЫ не правильно едем. Я кинул 5 репортов им двоим, и думаю не только я.... Но при мне админы не пришли и не забанили их..... Я не помню их ников. Если этот текст не по теме, то извиняюсь. На форуме впервые, и пока не понял, куда подавать жалобу )
  3. Maybe the Game Mods should close Calais-Duisburg road, traffic jams in every directions, it's basically like Real Operations was in the middle of Calais-Duisburg Road, at the entrance from Calais, 2 admins had to secure it, the road has to be closed xd It's really busy at the moment! You may wanna close it! xdddd Can't get an image up because the image is over 2MB and the max is 0.4MB xd Also my truck is sideways and it somehow sitting on the trailer.
  4. Beyler rapor sistemi benim bildiğim kadarıyla adminlerin sahneyi izlemeleriyle yapılıyor ancak bu adminler nasıl bir gözle izliyorlar anlamış değilim tam izlemiyolar mı veya ilgilenilmiyor mu? bariz şekilde bilerek çarpan milletin önüne kıran bilerek blocking yapan veya normal yolunda giderken bile bile direksiyon kırıp bariz bilerek sana çarpan adamı bile raporladığımda bir süre sonra "Nickname" hakkında hiçbir işlem yapılmadı yazısı geliyor. adminler neden var diye sorasım geldi ama daha iyi bir soru buldum; rapor sistemi neden var?!?!?!
  5. Hello TruckersMP Hello Peoples who watch this Topic i collect a photos for my collection with admins more than 4 months and today i can show a photos what i have with me and Admins ! This is my best Collection in my life of photos ! Thanks for all admins who help me to i do that: I cant find Интегра and HerrSwizz If anyone can tag they i will be happy ! Thanks Admins i dont have words how i say TY for this moments ! Bye Thanks fo see this topic !!!!!! @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
  6. Howdy, i've got a short thing to discuss! I guess we'll know, that Turkish people drive normally like sh*t.. Would it be possible to make a Turkish server where the Turkish people can play? ~xVetrax
  7. not sure if im at the right place but if i come across some guy who says hes an admin, will he be banned if i report him? (@Aestrial sry if im at the wrong place btw)
  8. Guest

    Police sirens

    I have thought about something and it does make good sense to bring this up. We as truckers on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have enough going on in the cabs of our trucks. Radio playing, jibber jabber on the CB and the growl of our engines as we roar down the roadway. When it comes to the police cars and their sirens would it not be a good idea to increase the siren volume so we can actually hear them as they are getting close to us
  9. Hi, my name is Ollie, I am a player of TruckersMP and I love it, Until I see one thing in my mirror. SKODAS! They are always used to block/grief and just in general irritate, even VTC's are now just using trucks as Convoy Control vehicles. The Skodas have such a negative reputation in the TruckersMP community, but I want to hear what you think. Here is a post which I made in the TruckersMP Discord: No one enforces the Skodas being banned on C-D, they come under useless traffic. Why is it I was speaking to some players and an Admin said, a truck without a trailer is useless traffic on C-D, and so are Skodas, so why isn't in enforced, we don't need the stupid things, all they do is cause drivers who are trying to acctually drive trucks, on a trucking game get rammed and overtaken by Skodas causing crashes, I think they should be banned personally. PLEASE VOTE ON THE STRAWPOLL LINK BELOW WITH WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THE SKODAS, I THINK IT NEEDS TO BE SORTED AS IT IS JUST BECOME RIDICULOUS NOW. Vote Here: I HAVE REMOVED THE POLL. PLEASE READ MOST RECENT COMMENT. THANK YOU. Thank you for reading, Ollie - Events Manager for Tango Transport VTC.
  10. Guest

    Bad Drivers of ETS2

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting. My name is william and I am a 35 year old white male who is from the state of Texas. I own my company on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator called Texas Transports LLC and I have thought i would bring this to the table. When I drive on Euro Truck Simulator 2 I try and drive professionally. I try and use my turn signals when possible and try and pass other players with ease and care but you have a few who really test the waters. There are times when players will pass by me and then cut right in front of me causing me to lock up the brakes and swerve off the road to avoid making contact with them. Now what is the logic behind such actions I have no clue. I have drivers who come up on my side and then slowly move over into my truck which sometimes results in me wrecking. Driving like this is not polite nor respectful and should be addressed. I am from the United States of America and I have the right to play any game just like any other human does. If you do not like someone because they are from another country that is your choice but it does not give you the right to force them off the road or cause them to wreck. when playing this game we play to have fun and make friends to talk to or whatever. But last time I checked it was called Euro Truck Simulator 2 and not Euro Truck Simulator 2 demolition. I am asking that when you pass another player on this game please do it with safe distance and ease. If you see me on the road give me room as I will do the same if I am able. I do not judge people because of where they are from and neither should those who play the game. I know this because several times I have been told that I am a stupid american and that is rude and disrespectful but you know what I just ignore them because at the end of the day it is just a game. But with all the ramming and cutting people off and all that how is a new player on this game to make any money when the money he does make goes to repairs and all. Thank you for reading this and please comment on it below
  11. I have been seeing that a lot of people who have not been on in awhile have finally come back and received their position back as a moderator or in game admin. Now this is simply wrong and favors those who already have this position and makes it even harder for those trying to achieve this position. if you are gone for a period of time then you lose your spot as a moderator or admin simple as that. why hold a spot. Maybe I do not see any logical explanation in this so if there is a smart side to this please let me know. Same would apply how I think if I was an admin. If I am gone for a lengthly time then remove my rank and make someone else a admin who is more present them I am.
  12. What's up with some of the ATS admins that are allowing drivers to grief & cheat? My computer is not good at recording so I'm hoping someone has videos of this going on. It's like some of the admins are overlooking the troubles their own friends are creating so they don't get banned or something. Anyone else see this going on?
  13. I wont be the first or last to say, the road between Calais and Duisburg is a complete cluster f*ck. There are certain times of the day where it is near impossible to pass safely. The main culprit is the small A1 junction, it is a magnet for trolls. Horn / Mic / Ramming / Blocking, you name it, its all there. Something needs to be done about this. From around 4PM - 7PM GMT is when traffic starts to build, everyone is trying to push in. I hardly ever see admins around the area when they're needed. The only admin I ever see is Burner, nevertheless this is later in the day. I think there should be an admin monitoring this area when its needed the most. At least make the presence of authority known by parking next to the main disaster area, this would more than likely cut some of the trolling. Anyone else with suggestions to battle this atrocity let yourself be known down below. Thanks,
  14. I would like to report a bug which I've experienced twice by now, both caused when playing with a keyboard (and those keys attached to the keyboard).. I was in the hour traffic jam of the feared road Duisburg - Calais again, just doing my usual route.. We've been sitting through the chaos of the jam with overtakers, trollers and chaotic situations of ghost drivers for a half hour straight so I was very pleased to see an admin coming online. So, just for a joke I typed: "Half hour of no admin and this is the result!".. Then my horn got stuck just when I sent the message, and I am almost sure it is because I pressed the 'H' button which is my common horn button. I wasn't used to this sound anymore as I always use my airhorns when honking on purpose (can be seen in the video under this topic when someone rammed me coming from the highway), so I couldn't know it was me horn spamming as I didn't do it intentionally! I realized it was me when it was too late, as I got a two day ban for doing so (ironically enough, this is the same ban limit a rammer who earlier intentionally rammed me I reported via the Forum report system including the video evidence got).. To save my fellow keyboard truckers from the pits of hell (the ban void), I would like to make everyone aware of this bug. As I said it's the second time I've experienced something similiar.. Once I was in the same route (different traffic jam) when someone PM'ed me that I had to turn off my lights because it was shining in his mirrors (not high beams, I never have my high beams on with oncoming traffic as the European law applies with that, I do have driving experience of my own in RL because of my driving license). So I set my lights to city lights (dimmed lights) and PM'ed back: "is this clear enough for you?", while I accidentally pressed the same buttons used for the reverse (common button: S) and cruise control (common button: C) and somehow I got the 5 km/h traction (the minimum requirement for the cruise control tolerance) and got stuck in reverse accidentally hitting the car behind me.. I reversed my truck in panic to the sideroad, hitted the parking brake (as it was still going in it's reverse and couldn't be resetted) and explained it wasn't intentional via chat (fixed the problem strangely enough). Fortunately enough, at that time I was lucky enough to have the all-seeing eye of an admin above me who knew about this bug and didn't banned nor kicked me but sent me instead to the service station with his teleporting power. But as you'll see in the video, I wasn't too lucky this time and justice was served for a year long (as long as I started playing the ETS2 Multiplayer) clear of ban history. And; as I already said, ironically justified with the same length an intentional troller will get when you report him/her for ramming via the official webiste report system. Also, a small bug but worth mentioning: when one presses CTRL + Enter to minimize the game and head back to the game and types in chat using the button 'V', when you copied a text earlier it's apper (like CTRL + C for copying and CTRL + V for pasting). Not sure if this is on purpose, but it is quite annoying when you're not expecting it.. The video regarding the horn getting stuck while typing will hopefully speak for itself (title is because I'm still waiting for the admin to remove my unjustified ban), sorry for the typos throughout the explanation as I was in a rush to have my video uploaded within the two day ban limit as it'll expire after two days (yes, I can wait that long but as I said it wasn't justified as I didn't spam on purpose):
  15. Merhaba, Forumda gördüyüm üzere Support team, Moderators ve başkaları Minion avatar kullanmakta. Hepsi olmasada 70% kullanıyodur bence. Bunun nedeni nedir acaba ?
  16. When the Admins are near an accident or has the full view of the traffic jam which we have all seen or been in, Admins are mostly kicking or banning players from the game to clear the road and it makes the wonder. Are admins able to teleport players to a diffrent location? Often the players who do cause accidents and block the road,are the blame but if there is a possible incident, when they player is blocking the road, because he crashed and his game might of crashed or freezed,and only admin can clear the road by getting the player out of the area. Have you ever seen admins teleport other players?
  17. npuT


    I noticed that it's very easy to get banned permanently or even temporarily. When some one blocks or rams you and you react by swearing, instant ban for you and the griefer is not even touched, I've been involved in this case by which a convoy was sitting on the side of the highway outside of San Diego and abruptly cut me off and rammed me, so of course, I reacted and told them to f**k off, and now I expected a kick, but I got an instant 2 day ban for my language. now I appealed for my ban and the admin had to only say, go read the rules. now I did and I understand my punishment but also in the rules it says. Ramming - Temporary / Permanent Ban Purposely causing damage to another user's truck, attempting to cause a collision into another users truck or anything similar. Blocking - Temporary / Permanent Ban Restricting a user's travel path, blocking entrances to highways or other entry points or anything similar. Now admins don't seem to care once you are the offender in the situation, I wish the admins would look a little more in depth on what caused that situation, and punish both people for their actions instead of only punishing the one. I just wanted to make thing a forum post so you people can post your thoughts on this
  18. Hi. It has come to my attention when I've played the recent week that the in-game admins are not very active, or they are but I haven't noticed. I have reported multiple people for reckless driving (ghost driving, slalom driving between lanes or driving on the wrong side of the road), ramming or blocking. Just 2 days ago i reported a driver for blocking because he was standing right across the road blocking traffic from both directions. He was active in the chat talking to me, and others. I told him to move or he will be kicked/banned (because I thought he would.) We stood there for a good 10 minutes before he either called for assistance or disconnected. This irritaded me a great deal, and it was not early in the morning with only 200 people online, it was in the early afternoon with a full server on EU2. I did not record because my processor can't handle that. So I would like (probably as many others) have either more active in-game admins OR more in-game admins in general to deal with these kind of situations.
  19. I ran into a guy named "Plac Ghost" claiming he was a co admin. I was not aware that co admins are a thing. Is this true?
  20. I have played MP for two days and about 3 hours play time and already got banned. I am really disappointed by the admins, what i really did was to complain to a god damn maniac that probably drove over 120km/h (i drove 80km/h) and drove straight up on my trailer got 82% damge on the trailer and 34% damge on my truck. I think this is really unfair, for us drivers that actually trying hard to follow the law and be nice to others drivers we are the one that get kicked in the ass. and also there should be an 90km/h speed limiter on every server unless its a (drive how the f*ck you want server) that almost every driver in MP drives like that.
  21. Hello! My Account ban! Reason:Wrong way with ep Yes , I was going backwards , but no one interfered , for it gave me 30 days? not nogova something? when those blocks all port that the server is supposed to give 3 days , ask me to unblock my blocked keyboard because of the younger brother , he pressed the Power button after which I could do nothing , had to shut down and I turned and got into the game as soon as I stopped I flew ban My English is not 100% , and I don't know whether the section has created the topic. I ask me to unlock or change up to 2 days for I am not guilty I know my fault , next time I will play without his brother. The screen could not do , missing text My Nick: Panda again I'm sorry when the player , which I cut and I flodil administrators were 3 online nobody reacted , and how I accidentally broke and then for systemic reasons , I immediately issued a ban for 30 days , what?? who taught you , who is gaining such mediocrity , it's not the admins , and horror. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ets2mpgamerpanda/
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