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Found 11 results

  1. What is Share your Desktop? This is a place where users of all likes can share their creations, their workflow area, their something special. How can I post mine? Grab a screenshot of your desktop area. Upload the image to any picture host (e.g. Imgur). Paste the link to the image in a reply to the thread and it will automatically add your image for you. Rules The picture must be of your own desktop area. Keep images suitable for younger audiences This thread is not for posting your setup(s)/tower(s). You can find that thread here. We look forward to seeing your desktops! TruckersMP Media Team
  2. Let's see those setups!
  3. Hey friends! I've been really into American Truck Simulator and I was super excited to see they already released a Multiplayer mod for it so I put together a quick tutorial (under 4 minutes) since that is what I do on Youtube. Hope it helps you get connected!
  4. We all know the post your setup post is popular so let's see all your Christmas setups Here's mine 
  5. Hello Truckers! I have problem with my steering wheel. I buy TRACER Drifter it was 270 degrees. And i can't setup this in ETS2... Can you send down below your setting for this or maybe commands on setup 270 degrees steering wheel in ETS2 or can remove the view of steering wheel. Please help me. .
  6. I've recently deinstalled the TMP Launcher due to an Error i had. Now i can't reinstall it. I get this message all the time. things i tried: -Use diffrent unzipper (winrar & 7zip) -Run as Admin -Made my Download File safe from Windows Defender so he doesn't deleter anything because he might think it's a Virus. -Downloaded from diffrent Browser
  7. benim oyunu yüklerken hata geliyor nasıl yapıcam bilmiyorm hatada bu yardım edin nasıl yapıcam
  8. Hello, If i want to update ETS2MP, i get this error: https://gyazo.com/15facd614657f7bc3b549756ac0ccd70 I updated Windows 10 today, i think the problem is: Windows 10 doesn't allow Ets2mp to update the files, but i'm not sure. I hope someone has a solution for this problem. ~Jurgen
  9. Hi all Want to share a little tip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUU-amGbI_0 First ETS2 video, so be gentle Cheers
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9lsMU8WQvc Euro Truck Simulator 2 'yi Multiplayer, yani Online 'mı Oynamak İstiyorsunuz ? Binlerce Fanatik Kamyoncunun Arasına Katılın ! Bu Rehberde Sizlere Multiplayer'ı nasıl kuracağınızı ve oynayacağınızı anlattım, umarım yararlı bir video olmuştur. Takıldığınız yerleri yorum olarak yazınız! ETS2 Steam Mağaza Sayfası(Going East! ve Scandinavia DLC'leri Tavsiye Edilir) : http://store.steampowered.com/app/227300/ ETS2MP Resmi Sitesi : http://www.ets2mp.com ETS2MP Konvoy Takibi Sayfası : http://www.ets2c.com ETS2MP Harita : http://www.ets2map.com/ ETS2MP Sunucu Durumları : http://www.status.ets2mptr.com/ ETS2MP İle Uyumlu Modlar : http://www.mods.ets2mptr.com/ ETS2MP Ban Kontrol : http://www.ban.ets2mptr.com/ ETS2MP CCTV : http://www.cctv.ets2mptr.com/ ETS2MP Resmi : Facebook Sayfası : https://www.facebook.com/ets2mpofficial ETS2MP Resmi TS3 Sunucusu : ts3.ets2mp.com/ ETS2MPTR Resmi TS3 Sunucusu : ts3.ets2mptr.com/ TS3 Nasıl Kurulur ve Kullanılır ? :
  11. Would be interesting to see how your setups look!
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