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  1. Ok. I figured it out. It's f***n Windows Defender blocking basicly everything. I have to turn it off. Then i can play without any problems. Can be moved to solved. Thanks for all the Answers.
  2. Update: It appears that it installs. But i have to go to c:/programm files to launch it. But when i want to launch ETS or ATS i get this Error Message And before i get this Answer: Yes, i verified my Game Data in Steam. I even reinstalled the Game.
  3. I've recently deinstalled the TMP Launcher due to an Error i had. Now i can't reinstall it. I get this message all the time. things i tried: -Use diffrent unzipper (winrar & 7zip) -Run as Admin -Made my Download File safe from Windows Defender so he doesn't deleter anything because he might think it's a Virus. -Downloaded from diffrent Browser
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