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  1. Forraz's post in Help Launching (versions related) was marked as the answer   
    You need public beta.
    Versions to try when these happens.
    1.26.x (((1.2X.x))) Public_beta None // Opt out of beta.  
  2. Forraz's post in Controls / chat ingame was marked as the answer   
    This might help you. It's a guide over all ETS2 MP settings.
    This answer is a good one within it.
    It's back from 2015 so I hope it might help to a certain degree.
  3. Forraz's post in Ets 2 help with game was marked as the answer   
    Try and play in Single-player until you have gotten your own truck. That should fix this problem.
    Otherwise there is starter profiles to use.
    ^ This one has beginner save files. Provided by one of the Project Managers
    Forum Moderator
  4. Forraz's post in Is lagging bannable? was marked as the answer   
    Generally if you have major issues with lag you should stay out of those areas such as Duisburg > Calais road as it tends to be a major lag zone.
    If you have proof of you lagging (fps counter) in this case as you were PC lagging and not having connection issues. But if you have proof then you can appeal the ban and if it's enough evidence then it will most likely get accepted.
    When it comes to the two seconds of stopping and getting reported for blocking; I'd recommend you record everything you are doing to make sure you are at a higher safety standard so you can appeal bans more easily.
  5. Forraz's post in Multiplayer wont work? was marked as the answer   
    The American Truck Simulator's Crash issue is known and the developers is trying to release a fix as soon as possible.
  6. Forraz's post in Fatal Error was marked as the answer   
    The American Truck Simulator's Crash issue is known and the developers is trying to release a fix as soon as possible.
  7. Forraz's post in An error ocured while contacting... was marked as the answer   
    Quoted by @MrHarv
  8. Forraz's post in Spawning distance lower than normal was marked as the answer   
    When theres a heavy amount of players around, the mod lowers the draw distance and by that I mean you will see trucks less far away.
    I don't know the exact numbers of how many players lowers how much but in Calais - Duisburg on a heavy traffic day I can see roughly 10-20 trucks ahead of me with my computer.
    They render less trucks to save you from a lot of FPS dropping.
    How you can actually render more trucks in these situations I am unsure myself and you would probably need to wait for more help in that part.
    Hope this will answer your question.
    Edit: " Truck draw distance moves automatically down from 500 meters to 300 meters when more than 20 players come in your tab. When more than 30 players come on tab, it gets reduced to 150. This is to reduce lag. I wish it was optional in the settings, but it isn't." A bit of searching and I found this that had been posted elsewhere about the Draw Distance.
  9. Forraz's post in Speed Limit On EU 2 After Last Night??? was marked as the answer   
    You can try to take a new job and see if it still limits you.
    If it does then try an external contract and after that try to drive without a trailer.
    If that doesn't work either then you can try to activate the speed limiters on both the game and server and disabling them after driving forward a bit.
  10. Forraz's post in How to enable winter mod? was marked as the answer   
    Winter mode is enabled by default and comes during the real life winter time but if it comes this year I am not sure.
    press tab / the little cog wheel / go to the 2nd last page and there should be "Winter Mod"
  11. Forraz's post in 32BİT was marked as the answer   
    Good day or evening
    The mod only supports 64Bit systems and won't be supporting 32bit windows / mac or linux any time soon due to the extra work and resources it would take to update 3 extra versions of the game when they are only two Developers currently.
    Hope this helps
  12. Forraz's post in Add other country maps? was marked as the answer   
    Only way you can add more countries and cities that isn't available as DLCs on steam has to be on Singleplayer through the Promod MOD
    TruckersMP doesn't support Map modifications beyond DLCs so wanting to add cities or countries to the game while playing Multiplayer is impossible as of now.
    Only Modifications there is that can and is supported by TruckersMP is Cosmetic stuff such as Trailer Color, Trailer apperances and some other minor cosmetic modifications.
  13. Forraz's post in ETS2MP no longer in full screen was marked as the answer   
    What game settings is it set to? Fullscreen or window? What resolution? What resolution is your pc set to?
    In counter strike you can choose to have black borders in the graphics card settings
    Try setting your in-game resolution to what you have on the pc
  14. Forraz's post in Massive Help Fixing Game??? (game freezes) was marked as the answer   
    Are you using Resolution Scale beyond 150%? And as @CaptainKostaZ said:
    Helping someone with a Performance issue usually needs the Specs involved otherwise none could know
    Sleeping, Fast Traveling, Boat / Train transportation sometimes freezes but goes away after a time. You just have to wait out those 5+ minutes that comes sometimes.
    You can check these before someone finds a solution for you
    Edit for adding links to other people's posts that might be of help:
    Freezing Problem anywhere
    Lag Overall
    Teleportation Freeze
    Solution Forum (Check here and see if you can find any solutions while you wait :)
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