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  1. *stretches code* I was awoken from my deep slumber. My has this place changed.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      hey ❤️ long time no see 

  2. Been a while since my AI was turned on, friend requests still coming in even though inactive, people still looking at my profile from time to time.


    Hope my old friends are still doing great! :lol:

  3. Moved to polish discussions.
  4. Moved to Chinese Discussions
  5. Gratz m8, hope my training I gave you will serve you well there too o/

    1. i z m

      i z m

      Thanks Drill Sergeant, i'll do my best. o/

    2. Forraz


      That's the spirit!

  6. Well... did not think I'd put that many hours that quickly but alright  ^_^



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    2. Merengue4ever
    3. Forraz


      Alt + Tab in between missions to work on the Forum -_-@Merengue4ever

    4. Merengue4ever


      lol i know i'm just messing with you :P 

  7. 6 Days - 104 hours - Roughly 17.333 hours of gaming per day under those 6 days. Worth



  8. Bought a game 3 days ago. I've not seen daylight since..



  9. Flyttad till Svenska Diskussioner / Företag
  10. When you scroll through social media and suddenly see an image saying "If you could remaster any game, which one would it be?" and you start thinking of all your favorite games from many years ago...


    Medal of Honor Allied Assault (Sort of has gotten a spiritual successor)

    Battlefield 1942

    Counter-Strike 1.6 (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  does not count)

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted / Underground 2 (Probably will never happen)

    World of Warcraft Vanilla (See you in 5 years when Blizzard finishes it)

    Cabal Online (Won't happen with the new company)


    Need for Speed: Most Wanted Theme



    Battlefield 1942 Theme



    World of Warcraft Vanilla




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    2. DerAmpelmann


      I enjoyed the newer Most Wanted a lot. The idea is basically the same as in the old one. Graphics looked very pleasing and there were quite a large variety of cars.

    3. antrax737


      I bought MW 2012 but never actually played it... i did for 5 minutes but then i realised the cars handle different and that was it.

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