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  1. Same.... Driving a 389 with a G27. Can't do anything with the CB
  2. Ahh.... The waiting game lol No ETS2 for me. Got wrecked (rammed) 9 times yesterday in less than an hour on EU2. I'll wait for ATS. & before anyone comments "why didn't you report?" Because it's a waste of time when EVERYONE drives poorly. Might have seen 2 drivers other than myself that were decent enough to stay in their own lanes & not ram every passing truck or drop their trailers in the road.... Where are the admins when they're needed? lol Definitely kept the drive interesting.

  3. I'm merely expressing an opinion.... To me, from what I've seen with the frequent downtimes of US servers & what seems as well like frequent updates that cause problems for US players only, this is the opinion myself & many others have come to form. The unannounced speed limiter has been a problem for a couple days now, so my logic in not writing one, is simple: I'm sure by now, many other users have already submitted support tickets, what with all the forum posts & comments from people with the same issue, so all I'd be doing by submitting another one for something I'm quite sure they're well aware of, is wasting their time, having to read said ticket. It's painfully obvious they're aware of it, & just not speaking about it, simply by the amount of posts/comments you can clearly see right from the home page of the forums. I know they see them, everyone does. Regarding the sleep thing, see what I said about it being an issue for a couple days.... LOL I don't know anyone who sleeps for 2 days straight. Just sayin. The least they could do is tell us they're doing things like this, instead of ignoring every single user who sees it as a problem. Or maybe let us know they're working on a fix. From what I've seen with my own eyes, (you know, with none of the EU servers having this issue,etc, & if they did, it'd be fixed by now), It honestly seems as though they really don't care about US server users. But that's just what I, & numerous others see.
  4. It's the US server, so pretty much hurry up & wait.... The devs of MP don't care about the US server, simply because they're european, & those are the servers they focus on. Seems a little biased to me. Anyway, don't hold your breath waiting for a fix, or an explanation, for that matter. LOL Simple solution for now: Play on the EU server. No limiters there. Happy trucking!
  5. I understand that you were trying to help, but I was simply pointing out that a few of had already said it wasn't external contracts, etc. It was doing it to me without even having a trailer. My apologies if I seemed snappy.... I'm just frustrated by MP being out of commission or broken in some way every few days due to needless updates. Anyway now it doesn't work at all. No connection. Properly updated but says it isn't. Typical of TruckersMP lately, I think. Let's just sit back & wait. Hopefully this all gets sorted out soon.
  6. No, & no..... Did you not read the above comments? It's the limiter in the game options that's doing it, NOT the settings you pictured, & no, that is not on. & as I said above you, no trailer at all.... Not even on a job. The limiter is turning itself back on after being turned off.
  7. I'm having the same issue. The speed limiter is permanently locked on. Even without a trailer (while free roaming) so now we don't get to actually do half the speed limits of the map?! Tried shutting it off in options, & it automatically turns itself back on. Here's a thought: stop updating stuff that isn't broken! In the rules, it says to obey speed limits.... Ok, well when the speed limit is 75 or 80, we can't do it, therefore NOT obeying traffic laws. Police would ACTUALLY pull you over for doing that much under the speed limit.... You devs aware of that? You're gonna lose some users over this.
  8. I gave it 4-5 mins before I opened the task manager to close the process.... That's not the problem. & when it essentially freezes my computer, I'm not so willing to keep trying.... It's clearly not working. I see where you're coming from, but I know how to operate my computer quite well. So I know it's not my end that's the issue. Thanks just the same though. I'll just wait for the next update.
  9. New launcher doesn't work. I click it, either normally or as an administrator, & it never appears. The process is running in my task manager, & wasting 99% of my cpu, essentially causing a brutal slowdown on my computer. What happened? it worked great just a few hours ago.
  10. Only problem I've seen is the ATS US server keeps going offline. Is it a per-user thing, or are others experiencing this?
  11. I could be wrong, but I don't think it is yet.
  12. Not sure why everyone's having issues, my launcher seems to be working perfectly.... Maybe delete the installer's folders & start fresh? Just a thought. Hope you all get online! Happy trucking!
  13. Tried it.... Still crashes about one minute in.
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