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  1. +1 Nice Idea, with this feature you can help the TruckersMP Team.
  2. Nice Idea but: 1. I think this feature is not usable for TruckersMP. Due to the performance for players in many cities, you will need to turn off your beacons for better game performance. 2. The function will not be displayed for every player, since in ETS2 things cannot be displayed in great detail
  3. Hey Community, with this post i will give you a cutom UI with the Theme: GTAV, Red and Black. Enjoy the UI. Im happy about nice feedback ;D UI Pack Name: GTAV, Red and Black Font Used: original Made For MP Version: Alpha / 1.39.x Download Link: https://workupload.com/file/JzdcWkRrbKA Screenshot(s): Backgrounds: #1 #1.1 #2 #3 Ingame UI: Installation Tutorial 1. Extract Fi
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