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  1. ^ If they don’t have enough time for truckersmp, then they shouldn’t be in a-team.
  2. .. I think the title is enough. My personal opinion is it just doesn't work. It takes too much time to resolve one report (sometimes even 20mins) and the judgement is often too moderate. What's yours? //EDIT: I mean the in-game reports
  3. GIMIcze


    I have this problem at larger cities, where are a lot of people. I think that my PC is not so bad.. 3,2GHz processor 12 GB ram MSI Nvidia GeForce GT 430 (1GB)
  4. GIMIcze


    I don't have this DLC yet. Too lazy to drive three times for World of Trucks..
  5. GIMIcze


    Hi, In last week, I am very interested in why when i am out of non-collision zone, FPS od radically lower than in non-collision zone.. Or is it bug of new version? I have never seen this before.. Thanks.
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