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  1. GIMI

    Ban Appeal System

    Hello @CroTruck, As far as I know the ticket system is not intended for feedback. Or is there a separate section I don’t know about? As I have already said, this is my opinion on the appeal system, not on the ban I’ve got and all I asked for was your opinion, not a guide to how to get my ban to be revised. Thanks for your reply, GIMI.
  2. GIMI

    Ban Appeal System

    Hi @SarahMaddy, I don’t really care about the ban.. The problem is that the ban didn’t come from a report but rather from an in-game moderator who was I suppose in a bit of a rush in an event. It’s a pity I wasn’t recording at the moment, but whatever. It is how it is. The appeal system IS a bit useless, and why is that? In this case, for example, the only one who has it on a video is the moderator and obviously, one cannot change their mind if they are not willing to. That’s why I think it would be nice if the appeals weren’t a one-to-one thing, but rather had a supervisor. With regards, GIMI TruckersMP player since June 2016.
  3. GIMI

    Ban Appeal System

    So I've got my first ban (which I don’t think I should have) and found out, how useless appeal system actually is. I don’t think the same game moderator, who issued the punishment, should resolve the appeal. Why would someone admit they were wrong when they can just decline and say they were right no matter what? In the case the moderator has the rule-breaking actions on a video, don’t you think it would be more appropriate to be seen by another administrator? Tell me your opinion! Thanks.
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