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  1. I did not expect it to be so beautiful and has good quality. It surprised me all the time while I entered the site red one is fine.
  2. Did you try to set your steam details to public ? It is the first thing that you should to do. Then you should check DLC's on web-site again. It helped me 2 weeks ago.
  3. You need to have your profile and game details set to public, so that TruckersMP system or staff can easily verify you have ETS2/ATS and its DLC's in your library.
  4. Please check the steam details privacy again and sometimes it may takes long time. I had a problem to identifying ATS to my account , it tooks 12 hours.
  5. @Atlasator hey reply me when you see 

  6. Some are born lucky.

  7. Fotoğrafları çekenin ellerine sağlik. Gerçekten hoş gözüküyor....
  8. Elerine sağlık Abi .. Harika olmuş
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