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  1. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    Can anyone help me with this song name?

    First of all why not try to download an app on your smart phone to recognize songs? Don't know if I can say its name but it's a great one, as soon as you hear a song that you like, grab out your phone open it and let it recognize the song or you can let it automatically recognize the songs heard around the phone without the need to open your smartphone at all. Second of all I tried to do it with the app and unfortunately it's a no go, probably those two songs are either extremely unpopular or are exclusively made for this ad/video.
  2. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    TruckersMP Memes

    When you finally overtake that slow af skoda on C-D and realize it was an admin
  3. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    G27 Sounding Worn

    Well about voiding the warranty, I think that if you even unscrew one nail it'd end the warranty. That's what it's like here as well so you better contact Logitech support or sth
  4. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    G27 Sounding Worn

    Well I've been using my G27 since TDU2 and GT5 and till now with no probs at all, it's being used almost everyday, and about the sound it makes when your car crashes, it's normal, happens to me in certain driving games as well, would be better though if you could actually record the sound and share it with us here. In terms of the warranty I have no idea to be honest, depends on the local Logitech dealer or the store that you got the wheel from, I live in Kuwait and I got a two years warranty on the wheel.
  5. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    What's your favourite food? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Pizza, pizza and pizza
  6. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    I know the maps huge but where has everyone gone?

    If you wanna have a lot of people (and have a lot of accidents, road rages) go to either Calais-Duisburg road or Paris, but you going there is your own responsibility, you have been warned.
  7. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    When I see overtakers...

    True that
  8. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    When I see overtakers...

    That's probably the best option yeah
  9. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    When I see overtakers...

    Great to know that most of you guys are mature enough to handle and control the anger, unfortunately sometimes I can't just control it
  10. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    When I see overtakers...

    Thanks for letting me know your opinions guys cause sometimes they damage my load real bad and I just really wanna cut them off or Sth but I can't because some admins might think that I'm in the wrong here so I just report them.
  11. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    When I see overtakers...

    No probs you're good. So the majority till now is "don't care", not my personal opinion but good to know
  12. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    When I see overtakers...

    I know what you're talking about but sometimes it's better to actually make a move
  13. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    When I see overtakers...

    Here's a quick debate. You can choose multiple answers.
  14. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    Answer the person above you

    I was on SAMP playing and suddenly I got banned for hacking, I was pretty confused cause I didn't have any kinds of hacks and I've never hacked before, turned out that my brother was playing in the same server at the same time on his own personal computer while connected to my router and used a hack. Trying to explain this situation to the admins was a totally different story (that my brother was playing on his own pc and didn't use mine while I was in the toilet kinda excuse) but at the end they believed me and unbanned me. What was the most hilarious reason to get you pulled over? How did it end up?
  15. [TM]TheTsTdriver

    Post Your Setup

    That's my new gaming PC, the case is a cooler master cosmos se, the setup is still a WiP (and as you can see I'm painting the room so yeah :P) but for now, here are the specs: Intel i5 6600k Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 6GB 16GB Ram 1TB HDD + 250GB SSD Windows 10 64 bit It can run pretty much all (or at least most) of the heavy games on Very high/Ultra settings, all I need now is a decent place to make a good looking setup.