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  1. Suggestion Name: Importing Vehicles Suggestion Description: Don't know if this is the right place for it or not but what if we can import a vehicle (say a truck) from a profile to another profile in MP? It's useful imo cause a lot of times we have that one truck that we really love and had driven it for like 1m kms but then when we create a new profile for various reasons (maybe the old one gets corrupted or damaged) we lose it just like that. What do you guys think? Is it a good idea to import a certain truck/trailer/car with all its properties (mileage, paint, customization etc)? Why should it be added?: As I said it may be a good day so that we can always have our favorite trucks/trailers/cars with is.
  2. Nice cars everybody. That's a beautiful fiat @Mike Dragon. @[E-T CEO] Flying Cat My dream is also the Hellcat, in fact if everything goes as planned (which it doesn't lol) I might be able to put my hands on a used 2015 one next year! @CroTruck dude those are beautiful!
  3. Aha, that's really cool tbh. Thanks for the help!
  4. So I was looking through the off-topic area and was surprised to not see any topics regarding cars, so here I am making one. Car lovers, do not hesitate to post your own car or your favorite/dream car!
  5. First of all why not try to download an app on your smart phone to recognize songs? Don't know if I can say its name but it's a great one, as soon as you hear a song that you like, grab out your phone open it and let it recognize the song or you can let it automatically recognize the songs heard around the phone without the need to open your smartphone at all. Second of all I tried to do it with the app and unfortunately it's a no go, probably those two songs are either extremely unpopular or are exclusively made for this ad/video.
  6. When you finally overtake that slow af skoda on C-D and realize it was an admin
  7. Well about voiding the warranty, I think that if you even unscrew one nail it'd end the warranty. That's what it's like here as well so you better contact Logitech support or sth
  8. Well I've been using my G27 since TDU2 and GT5 and till now with no probs at all, it's being used almost everyday, and about the sound it makes when your car crashes, it's normal, happens to me in certain driving games as well, would be better though if you could actually record the sound and share it with us here. In terms of the warranty I have no idea to be honest, depends on the local Logitech dealer or the store that you got the wheel from, I live in Kuwait and I got a two years warranty on the wheel.
  9. If you wanna have a lot of people (and have a lot of accidents, road rages) go to either Calais-Duisburg road or Paris, but you going there is your own responsibility, you have been warned.
  10. That's probably the best option yeah
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