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  1. Suggestion Name: Importing Vehicles Suggestion Description: Don't know if this is the right place for it or not but what if we can import a vehicle (say a truck) from a profile to another profile in MP? It's useful imo cause a lot of times we have that one truck that we really love and had driven it for like 1m kms but then when we create a new profile for various reasons (maybe the old one gets corrupted or damaged) we lose it just like that. What do you guys think? Is it a good idea to import a certain truck/trailer/car with all its properties (mileage, paint, customization etc)? Why should it be added?: As I said it may be a good day so that we can always have our favorite trucks/trailers/cars with is.
  2. That's my new gaming PC, the case is a cooler master cosmos se, the setup is still a WiP (and as you can see I'm painting the room so yeah :P) but for now, here are the specs: Intel i5 6600k Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 6GB 16GB Ram 1TB HDD + 250GB SSD Windows 10 64 bit It can run pretty much all (or at least most) of the heavy games on Very high/Ultra settings, all I need now is a decent place to make a good looking setup.
  3. I've already sent a crash report but okay if it does that again today I'll do it. Thanks for your fast respond!
  4. I've downloaded it successfully but the problem is that it crashes a lot when I'm actually playing in-game, any idea why it does that? Never had this problem since the first launch.
  5. الشركات هنا، تستطيع أن تضع الإعلانات الخاصة بشركتك الخاصة. إذا كنت مديرا لإحدى الشركات تستطيع أن تطلب من مدير المجتمع في الموقع أو المطور من أن يلغي الإعلان الخاص بشركتك. Also, just a little correction, this language is not for Bahrainis only, it's for the whole Arab users so I think that it'd be better to change it to "Arabic Language" instead of Bahraini
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