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About Me


Hello! I am Virtual. I have been playing ETS and ATS, well since ETS came out, and since ATS Came out too! I have been playing TruckersMP since 2015. I currently am a 911 Dispatcher, i love every bit of my job and the opportunities it has to offer 

Dj Equipment

VirtualDJ (Broadcasting System)

Numark NS6 (Mix Board)

Blue Yeti (Microphone)

Serato DJ (Broadcasting System, Private)

Computer Specs

(Important Specs Only)

Nvidia GTX 1060 (Graphics Card)

Intel I7-4600k (Processor)

4 Tb Internal Storage (SSD)

16 GB Ram (Ram Sticks)

Computer Peripherals 

Razer Blackwidow Chroma (Keyboard)

Razer DiamondBack (Mouse)

Blue Yeti Blackout (Microphone)

Razer Firefly (Mousepad)

Logitech G27 (Wheel)

ThrustMaster 18-12 Speed Shifter (Shifter ATS/ETS)

2 LG 32' Ultra-wide Monitors (Dual Monitors)

Beats Solo 3 Black (Headphones, Primary)

Razer Kracken Pro V2 (Headphones, Secondary)

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