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  1. Id be happy with a Frieghtliner or the Volvo. Definitely need more brands on the market.
  2. Im hoping for the W200 Cab Over KW. But im guessing they will be pushing for another brand first maybe?
  3. Roxul

    Any Australian VTCs?

    Cheers. Ill go take a look.
  4. I reckon the game admins should drive around in cop cars or the like. Just to keep those bad boys on their toes!
  5. There will be so many of them....
  6. Are there any current Australian based VTCs? I found a couple but they seam to have no activity since last year.
  7. Yeh I realised after I posted that's what it might be. Could definitely use some fine tuning. But so long as its no problem on my end, Ill carry on trucking!
  8. Anyone else get this? Ill be driving down the freeway doing 55-60, then all of sudden, cant go over 37mph. Its rather annoying.
  9. Thanks, I tried to delete the other one, couldnt find where. Im trying to open to console in single player to teleport, then reload mp so I can join a convoy. Yes I am definitely saving the file. I changed it, then saved it, then rebooted just to make sure it was changed. It was 1 and 1 when I reopened it. I then opened ETS2 single player, opened the desired profile, pressed drive, then hit the tilde key and nothing happens. But then when i go and open the config file, both those numbers have changed themselves back to zeros.
  10. Hey guys. Was going to join a convoy but could not get the teleport to work. I changed the two lines in the config from 0 to 1, then loaded the single player game, but nothing happens when I press the ` key. Then when I got back onto the config file after closing ETS down, both the 1's have reverted to 0's. Any idea?
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