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  1. Thanks, I tried to delete the other one, couldnt find where. Im trying to open to console in single player to teleport, then reload mp so I can join a convoy. Yes I am definitely saving the file. I changed it, then saved it, then rebooted just to make sure it was changed. It was 1 and 1 when I reopened it. I then opened ETS2 single player, opened the desired profile, pressed drive, then hit the tilde key and nothing happens. But then when i go and open the config file, both those numbers have changed themselves back to zeros.
  2. Hey guys. Was going to join a convoy but could not get the teleport to work. I changed the two lines in the config from 0 to 1, then loaded the single player game, but nothing happens when I press the ` key. Then when I got back onto the config file after closing ETS down, both the 1's have reverted to 0's. Any idea?
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