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      Current development status [overview + info]   12/04/17

      Hey truckers, quite alot happened recently and we are getting many questions from you. To help you getting your answer much quicker, here is a recap of the latest information in regards to the Italy DLC, the Special Transport DLC, the wintermod and the latest game updates.   SCS released the Italy DLC. This DLC is not properly working in multiplayer at this moment. Until official support has been added, use the DLC on your own risk. You won't get banned for driving in the Italy area, but you might experience issues with missing NCZ and other minor bugs.   American Truck Simulator is not supported for quite some days now.   The wintermod will be added soon.   The Special Transport DLC is not guarantueed to be included within the first few patches. Due to the complexity of the situation of how the content of this DLC operates, it is possible that support for this specific DLC will take a long time, or in worst case scenario won't be supported at all. Please bear with us and give our developers enough time to make sure everything goes alright. Putting pressure on them or creating a massive amount of topics about it is not going to change the speed of development.    As always, our team is working hard to make sure we can give you the best experience. We hope to provide you a new version of our mod with support for ATS and ETS2 real soon, but we are currently not able to give you an estimated date of release. We thank you for your understanding.  
    • BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

      Translation Team Recruitment   12/11/17

      Hello Truckers! We are making small changes in the team. We are looking for new translators for our community. Please check the requirements and send it to us. Languages that we are interested in are: Turkish, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, German   Requirements: * You are at least 17 years old. * You must be active in our community. * You have sufficient knowledge of the English language. * You understand and respect the forum and in-game rules. * You can remain calm and polite in a conflict. * You are able to ask questions and inform yourself if you don't know something. * You are able to work in a team and participate in team discussions. * You have some basic social skills as you will be in touch with many community members. * You are dedicated and devoted to help other members of the community. * You are registered on TruckersMP's forum for at least 1 month. * You know at least one more language than English   Please feel free to send an application here: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment Thanks for your interest ! End Date: 20/12/2017 Good Luck to Everyone !

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  1. National Truck Farming Community

    over National Truck Faming Community National Truck Famring Community is opgericht op 01 januari 2017 wij zijn opzoek naar motiverende gamers die houd van euro truck simulator 2 en andere games leeftijd maak bij ons niks uit als je het maar gezellig hebt bij ons daarom zijn we opzoek naar jou er is ook een teamspeak 3 server als je op teamspeak bent en er is niemand online laat hier dan onder een berichtje achter de owner of de andre admins nemen contact met je op Wat verwachten wij bij het solliciteren of van een nieuwe Leden 1. Ervaren (weet om te gaan met Tour O Matic 2. Leeftijd maakt niets zoveel uit 3. Houd je aan de verkeerdsregels en netjes rijden volgens de regels in het desbetreffende land 4. Veel informatie (niet privé maar je kwaliteiten in-game) Contact Website: http://www.nationaltruckfarmingcommunity.be/ Teamspeak: http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/ntfc.verygames.be/ Tour O Matic: https://tour-o-matic.net/vtc/view/1110 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1630077467294846/ Mail: [email protected] Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal een goeie indruk hebben gehad van National Truck Farming Community Hoe onze team werkt en omgaat met elkaar en hoe alles geregeld word doormiddel van ritten vermelden. Ik hoop je snel te mogen begroeten als 1 van mijn Leden!
  2. ets2mp errors.

    ets2mp errors. in the game ETS2 mp Chauffour you'll never get tired so rest can not. the hire of Chauffour going well but they are not going to work so there is nothing in what they deserve so people can not book ahead going into the game. and it will be fine had to work. as if on euro truck simulator. when things get given about the game you then also worked on those mistakes and was only question is ni finds mean. with friendly greetings