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  1. Hello @Λlfeooo, the TruckersMP forum supports links such as Imgur, and I will explain how to do this below. 1. Image: https://imgur.com/sySTKkg 2. Image: https://imgur.com/HckSeG0 3. Image: https://imgur.com/tICRpJ5 This will not work if you copy the link directly as in image 1. As you can see in image 2 I right click on the image there and click on open in new tab. As you can see in image 3, I am copying the link address of the opened page. If you use the link address in this way, it will most probably work. I hope your question has been answered, have a nice day. Best Regards, NorthSprouts TruckersMP Forum Moderator
  2. Seni tekrar takımda görmek dileğiyle... :HaulieLove:

  3. @Rowiera Game Moderator -> Retired Team Member (Ayrıldı)
  4. Congratulations! Welcome back to Community Management :HaulieLove:

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  6. Kendine iyi bak! Çayını eksik etme :HaulieLove:

  7. Congratulations! Good luck with training :HaulieLove:

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  9. Tebrik ederim, görevinde başarılar :HaulieLove:

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  10. // Topic moved to "Hilfe"
  11. Take care! :HaulieLove:

  12. Thanks for your attention:HaulieExcited:

  13. Congratulations 🥳 Good luck with training :HaulieLove:

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