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  1. Hi, i have a problem.. i can talk, other can hear me, but i cant hear other players and cant see icons that other players talking... Maybe you know how to fix it?
  2. no, i think you dont understanding, maybe bcuz my english :DD i can talk its working, evryone can hear me. BUT I CAN'T hear other players when they are talking in cb radio. * P.S. i cant see icon other people talking*
  3. Yeah i know how to use it, my mic is set up, and i can talk, i can se icon in bottom corner that i talking, but i cant hear other players in radio... Like my friend, he can hear me, he can hear other players, he talking with other players in radio, but i have problem that i can hear anyone. :/ *Srr for english
  4. Hi, sorry for my english. Evrythink is set up like in your pic, when Im talking i can see the icon that i talkink in right side bottom corner, my friend can hear me, and other players, but i cant hear anyone. My friend talking with other peaople but i can hear them, they can hear me, ( even i can se that other players talking in left top corter i thin, when they talk that icon is doesn show up for me*
  5. Hello, i have a problem with cb radio in game. im playing with my friends and i can't hear anyone in radio when they are talking, but i can talk and they can hear me... What a problem? Any ideas?
  6. Hello, if i have High Power DLC its work on MP?
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