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  1. Scania 4 life cus i have the best memories whit it
  2. I believe that Kirkenes query is one of the most visited routes. one time I stod in traffic for 3 hours before getting pushed off a cliff. but it's still fun to see that you actually made it down. it is also very narrow on some parts of the route u cant have tow trucks
  3. its hard to say since i drive all types trucks. well except Iveco. but if i have to chose i chose the mp scoda XD
  4. i used to spend alot of time in norway before prmods was introduced to MP.
  5. toyota hiac sounds like fun xd
  6. i only wish i still chud drive up to 300 k/h with a car
  7. i have alle map and tuning packs
  8. Daniel R


    they closed all of the school her in norway until easter
  9. I usually play with my own trailer except when i'm driving with heavy cargo
  10. I usually don't. but I have some trucks witch I can use when me and my friends are just messing around
  11. I was wondering on what is people's best moments in the TMP?
  12. Iveco. this is because I just don't like how it looks on the inside and that it just doesn't have enough power
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