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  1. yağmurlar artık herkes te aynı anda mı başlayıp bitiyor ?
  2. Hello every body good afternoon.. :)


    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      hello mate how are  you doing  today, XD is it afternoon for you wow XD its night time for me im from Australia  :lol: but i do hope your having a great time and staying safe 

    2. NirVaNa


      thank you bro... :D I m from turkey. it is time afternoon now :D

      good afternoon again


  3. thank you everyone thank you for everythink
  4. @Bonnm we are waiting still for dlc good works
  5. I want to support turkish language in game do you understand me ?
  6. Thanks you everyone for update I hope see select turkish lang one day good works...
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