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  1. This happens when I launch with openGL, when I use direct x it will open normally and crash after some time pls fix
  2. Version: GPU: GTX 660Ti CPU: i5 2500k OS: Windows 10 I installed the latest multiplayer update today when I tried to launch it directly skips to the game launchpad without showing multiplayer login window and also I can't play because the game texture completely broken like a failed GPU. Working fine in single-player tested in both directx and opengl pls fix
  3. Another update arrived on ATS steam waiting for updated multiplayer client
  4. Not working for me gives me this: "ERROR: Expecting atleast one file" i already dragged the files to the folder help
  5. What exactly is dragging means I don't understand do i need to copy the file from ets2 to scsc and also I want to know whether I can edit the trailer damage status I need to set to 0% before unloading the trailer at destination
  6. last_crashlog.txt is showing as 0 KB it has nothing written in it. Its the Video driver is crashing not the client
  7. Mod Version: 0.1.6 R5 Controllers Used: X360 Controller + Keyboard Description of Issue: GPU Driver crashes after playing Multiplayer for half an hour (GTX 660Ti v350.12) How to reproduce: Drive the truck half an hour especially in between Amsterdan and Rotterdam game get crashed and get a white screen on the monitor. No problems in single player or any other games Screenshots / Videos: Nope
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