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  1. This happens when I launch with openGL, when I use direct x it will open normally and crash after some time pls fix
  2. Version: GPU: GTX 660Ti CPU: i5 2500k OS: Windows 10 I installed the latest multiplayer update today when I tried to launch it directly skips to the game launchpad without showing multiplayer login window and also I can't play because the game texture completely broken like a failed GPU. Working fine in single-player tested in both directx and opengl pls fix
  3. Another update arrived on ATS steam waiting for updated multiplayer client
  4. there is a turning on Reno - Sacrmento highway near Truckee. If you don't brake near this turning or go at full speed you'll overshoot outside the road and takes damage. It happened to me and several other drivers
  5. Not working for me gives me this: "ERROR: Expecting atleast one file" i already dragged the files to the folder help
  6. What exactly is dragging means I don't understand do i need to copy the file from ets2 to scsc and also I want to know whether I can edit the trailer damage status I need to set to 0% before unloading the trailer at destination
  7. last_crashlog.txt is showing as 0 KB it has nothing written in it. Its the Video driver is crashing not the client
  8. Mod Version: 0.1.6 R5 Controllers Used: X360 Controller + Keyboard Description of Issue: GPU Driver crashes after playing Multiplayer for half an hour (GTX 660Ti v350.12) How to reproduce: Drive the truck half an hour especially in between Amsterdan and Rotterdam game get crashed and get a white screen on the monitor. No problems in single player or any other games Screenshots / Videos: Nope
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