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  1. And screenshots! as you mentioned above. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for you time again. I don't know about tmp resources and human resources, for me as a player tryckersmp is perfect, I am just a average TMP player, for that was my question, like: "is too crazy asking for this?" Of course if I have a solid suggestion I will write using the template. But I don't have a solid suggestion, maybe you can help me(us), with you knowledge and you english. XD Halloween event was perfect, we where able to doit on whatever server. Again, thank you!
  3. Yup, sorry my spelling checker make a mistake there, "server for americans" not meaning as "server for north american continent" because all of us have a good connection with "us sim", even south americans. I mean, we have "us servers" for us, much better ping, not just for "north americans" but for all americans, like 130ms or less, Europe servers more than 200. And "us servers" are always empty, this was my question, ¿why not use this one also for officials events? Phoenix already answered I think "not enough people", its OK, I understand. As I wrote above, I am just making a question, to try to know if is possible, If we as a community can do something. If the possibility exist we can try to join all our VTCs, make a petition together, or raise funds, don't know. If you give me a glimpse of hope I try to write as a new suggestion. Thanks for your time, sorry for my english.
  4. Sorry. "North American" is not a continent! I don't know how difficult, expensive or whatever reason this is already not being made, I am not complying also. I just want to know if is something we can do to have a event better server for north and south Americans, having already the "us sim" with better ping for us. I mean "event" not as convoy, but like "real operations", nor Christmas for example, just events made on a small part of the map.
  5. Hi! Exist the possibility in the future to have an event server for the american continent? Or change the "us sim" for that purpose during events? "US Sim" is a deserted place, maybe can be used during official event as an alternative event server for us. I don't know why, but some of us can barely play during events, some south americans doesn't have problems, 400ms but "playable", other can't play at all. Can we do something, like a petition or something? I don't know how this works, don't know how many of us want or need this, we don't have a very united community nor a "loudly" one, for that this is more a question than suggestion.
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