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  1. @GGF MD and a few others pretty much nailed down the answer for you. However, I would like to add the following:


    Though you may not be banned for not slowing down when someone's attempting to overtake you, you could be banned if you, in a way or another, prevent that person from safely overtaking and your actions result in an accident. Say for example, that Player A has a clear lane and enough room to overtake you safely and he tries to do so but you speed up when he's next to you. While he tries to get more speed to pass you, Player B comes in on the opposite lane and Player A either crashes into Player B or one of them (or both) go off road to avoid a collision. Or alternatively, while attempting to overtake you, you swerve into Player A's path, forcing him off the road (and potentially crashing into something) or forcing him to slam his brakes and possibly losing control and crashing.


    These are just two examples of how you could be banned for not letting someone overtake you. Now, of course there are other variants that would determine whether or not you would be the one at fault, so the best thing to do is to always let people overtake you, just to be on the safe side. Especially if you can tell they might not make it before another player comes in on the opposite direction. In this case, the player trying to overtake you would be wrong, but at least you'd help avoiding a potential accident that could involve you as a victim. After all, you are not in a race so there is no need to keep other people from passing you.

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  2. Isso significa que a sua conexão com a internet está instável ou muito lenta. Em outras palavras... sua internet está ruim. O servidor está programado para automaticamente chutar qualquer jogador cujo ping médio ultrapasse 600ms. Isso é assim para evitar acidentes causados por lag. Você vai precisar descobrir o que está errado com sua conexão para que não seja mais chutado do servidor. Comece por utilizar uma conexão cabeada ao invés de WiFi, interrompa todos os download/uploads enquanto joga, desligue/desconecte outros aparelhos que esteja utilizando sua conexão, reinicie o modem/roteador, etc.

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  3. EDIT: I'm a dummy. I missed the part where it says TMP staff cannot participate. Only saw it now upon reading it again. :c


    Can Trial Admins participate and have a chance to win or is it limited to non-staff members? After all, we are just regular players in-game! If that accounts for anything. lol


  4. I always have my brake sensitivity set to default. Never touched my brakes settings. Personally, I find the default values perfectly fine. Any issues I ever had with brake were due to my own fault 'cause default is perfectly capable of slowing down my truck and stopping it when I need. So long as I am not speeding around like a maniac like over half of the community does and expect the truck (or car) to stop on a dime and complain when it doesn't, a crash happens and then admins have to deal with ban complaints in appeals. That's just silly and reckless. :\

  5. @HAXR4VEN

    No, the person won't. If you report someone but the admin who reviews the report thinks the person you reported isn't guilty of what you accused them, you will not be banned. Instead, what will happen is that your report will be considered "useless/pointless" and your score will be lowered. With a lower score you won't be able to file as many reports as someone with a higher score. When a report gets accepted as valid, however, your score is increased and you become able to file more reports at once. By default, all users start off with the ability to file 10 reports at once. Increase your score by filing valid reports and you become able to make more than 10 reports at once (as an example, my score currently allows me to file 14 reports at once). Get your score lowered because of useless reports and you will have your reports limit decreased.


    To everyone: The thread below contains some more useful information that you all should read.


  6. Hello Heapsteriser.


    Given the large amount of reports and appeals that are filed on a daily basis, it normally may take from a day to about a week for these to be reviewed by the administrators. Ban appeals in particular, however, may take less time. Please be patient and rest assured that a administrator will be handling your case as soon as possible.

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  7. Windows is not bugged (unless we are talking about Windows ME, Vista and some updates of Windows 10) and it is only as dangerous as the user who operates it makes it, really. You won't be banned for playing Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Simulator on Linux. Though you might want to be careful when it comes to multiplayer.


    Truckers MP does not officially support any Linux distribution or MAC OS. Only the x64 versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are currently supported, with no plans of support for other operating systems. There currently are no mentions in the rules about a modified launcher so I cannot say it is illegal according to TMP's rules (nor can I say it is legal), whoever, do bear in mind that TMP does not support or endorse third party modifications, either. It is recommended that you do not distribute a modified version of Truckers MP's launcher to any user, as it has not been developed by TMP's development team and thus, we cannot assure anyone that it is safe or be held responsible for any leakage of login details or any other type of personal information.


    If you really need to verify this modified launcher, please do contact our support so you can talk directly to the Project Manager and/or other upper staff responsible for the development and support of Truckers MP. Please read the following thread for information on how to contact the upper staff and how to use the feedback system:


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  8. +1


    Though the problem is how to detect and keep it from being used. There currently ins't any known way to confirm when a player is using it or not. One can only guess but if action were to be taken, said player could easily claim to be innocent and administration would have no real means to prove otherwise.

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