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    Music: Nu Disco, Funk (Brit-Funk, Rare Funk, Afro Boogie), Classic R&B (Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis), (Modern-)Soul, Italo Disco (post-Euro Disco), Jazz (Jazz Funk, Swing, Bebop, Soul-Jazz), Freestyle/Miami Bass
    Games: Euro Truck Simulator 2 (since 2015), 18 Wheels of Steel (since 2004, old school pre-ATS also from SCS Software)
    Books: Genre Thriller (preferred writers: Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe) Novel and Poetry (preferred writer: Charles Bukowski from the book 'Laughing With The Gods')
    Cars: '59 to '64 Chevrolet Impala (currently saving for one), '98 Nissan Sunny Wagon (owner since 2021, taken over from my father who had it since the early days)
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    California: Los Angeles
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    Norway: Bergen
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    Dutch, English

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  1. Thank you for your follow ❤️


    1. Funkenstein


      No problem, thank you for the follow as well!! 

  2. Randomly found this interesting video about the early days (80s) of tri-axle trailers, and how this simple design is still being applied to modern trailers (if not improved).. 


  3. Great work, really makes Cali more alive!! Can't wait for the pics of the reworked cities, especially L.A.. One thing is for certain: California knows how to party
  4. Happy (belated) Birthday, hope you enjoyed your day! 

    1. Werzey*


      Thank you for celebrating my birthday! 

  5. "They see me Rollin' " 🤣


  6. ETS2: Extreme Trucking add-on, to add off-road maps and cities/rural areas that are challenging to drive (such as the rework of Paris in general, or Italian coastal cities with tight alleyways and narrow mountain roads; main example is Amalfi Coast) We desperately need a challenge!! C-D road and Kirkenes road (the latter being ProMods) proves that, those being the most visited spots of the whole server...
  7. It surprised me no one asked this before, as it got to be the most common question on forums: What is your favorite song? Doesn't have to be specific, could be your all-time favorite song you just can't forget or just a song you prefer to listen to currently and keep getting back to (but could be forgotten within a month, theoretically speaking) I'll start: A song I often come back to is this Old School banger, especially after I've learned about the history: Old School and the early days of Hip Hop (Disco Rap) There is something about flows that are not getting overly narcissistic or violent... Especially when the sample hits hard (fun fact: this song was actually (co-)remixed for both Nu Shooz and Spyder D, by DJ Peter Slaghuis from the Netherlands; even though Eric Matthews was the only one mentioned on the LP label)
  8. C-D road got busy, even in the early days of TruckersMP (ETS2MP back then) because it's the most central located road of the map, connecting the mainland of Europe (SCS started Europe with just Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and U.K) with England... Back when there were also traffic jams at Europoort (Rotterdam) because cargos to the U.K were the best paid jobs. Only veteran drivers will remember. The road got the reputation of 'death road' because of the chaos it occured (LOTS of traffic jams and trolls), and since everyone is in for a challenge (because let's face it: there's not much of a challenge around the main (base) maps of Europe, making driving a rather tedious experience for some) they would like to take on the challenge themselves. I mean, the most used road in ProMods is also a challenging road (Kirkenes mine trail). I hope that we will have some more challenging experiences in the future DLCs of SCS Software, because we're in for a challenge! I hope it'll be comparable with SCS earlier release of '18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker'.. My suggestion would be either an off-road challenge, or a tight spot challenge (such as Paris in real life)...
  9. A few favorites of mine: Genre Thriller/Drama: Dog Day Afternoon (1975), starring Al Pacino (known from his role in Scarface) [To be watched on: Amazon Prime] Genre Mystery/Thriller: Eyes Wide Shut (1999), any Stanley Kubrick Movie for that matter (especially The Shining, Barry Lyndon and 2001: A Space Odyssey) [To be watched on: HBO Max] Genre Horror/Thriller: Creep (2014) [to be watched on: Netflix] Genre (Anti)War: All Quiet On the Western Front (2022) Stalingrad (1993) [to be watched on: Amazon Prime] My favorite series: Fargo (too bad the removed it from Netflix) and Squid Games (maybe overrated though, but for those interested: a new season will be released this year as rumors go) EDIT: I forgot the most important of all for all truck lovers out there: Duel (1971), the first movie Steven Spielberg ever directed starring; you guessed it, a truck!! Not sure where you can watch it... The worst movie I ever watched was some French dance movie named 'Climax', where a pregnant girl was st4bb3d by jealous hating people around her, where the scene would last on for 5 minutes straight...
  10. A noob as in ETS2? False and true: False because I have 1,028 hours ingame with 645 contracts completed in World of Trucks, with an average of 780 km per distance (502,915 km in total) True because I'm a noob driving the bus, hence my L in my gamer tag on the servers (still getting the hang of it lol) The next person is over 20 years old
  11. I have several (my #1 is ETS2 by far), so I divide my favorite games in genres in a top 3 category: Simulators: 1. Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 2. Train Simulator 3. Fishing Barents Sea (haven't tried Fishing North Atlantic yet)/TransOcean: The Shipping Company (both on #3) Survival: 1. The Isle [Evrima] 2. Dayz 3. The Long Dark First Person Shooters: 1. Counter Strike Global Offensive 2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II 3. theHunter: Call of the Wild (does this count as FPS or Simulator?) Design/planning: 1. Planet Coaster 2. Prison Architect 3. Cities: Skylines
  12. I will always remember you, Flying Yorkshireman..


    You used to be a common sight among the servers of TruckersMP, I wonder what happened to ya..? Cheers to you mate! Always a good laugh with ya. Until we meet again! 

  13. Funkenstein

    IRL Trucks

    I am about to get my C1 license (already got code 95).. There are a LOT of transport companies that pay for your course, in exchange of a 5 year contract.. Win-win!!
  14. For me it's like 10% from school, 50% from games, 20% from movies and 20% from songs
  15. Happy Birthday! 🥳

    1. Funkenstein


      REALLY late to the party but thanks means a lot 🙂

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