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  1. Hey i just saw your post about the vans. I suggested them aswell :) but i mentioned that they should be used primarly as escort vehicles and in convoys and major events. Feel free to write any thoughts about it. And you got a nice little up vote on your post. Have a good day

    1. Tappedouter2002


      Yeah, i understand what you mean by escort vehicles etc, that was my idea too, but then they can also be used as transportation and maybe with a caravan too for camping trips 

    2. [WTLVTC] TheGoodGuy1515

      [WTLVTC] TheGoodGuy1515

      Absolutely. I like that idea aswell. Plus its better than fast cars. And the vans can carry cargo maybe. Or even the road assistance trailer with arrows and signs

    3. Tappedouter2002


      Yea that could work, just that not sure if it’ll ever happen as they’ll say it’s just a truck game with cars :(

  2. Tappedouter2002


    Suggestion Name: Vans for TruckersMP Suggestion Description: A van for TruckersMP that can be used by players and admins, with skinning options. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: We have cars in TruckersMP, which arent that useful, vans on the other hand are useful, they are more likely to be used as a pilot tool and then the police can use them too. It will give diversity to the roads, and don’t just dismiss it by say its Euro TRUCK Simulator, you have to remember we have cars, and in my option vans make more sense to have over cars. Now with special transport they added a van model, so its not like it is impossible to make.
  3. Recently TruckersMP released the map of where doubles can and can’t go, and in my opinion (and a few others) think it was done poorly, not taking into account of where is busy and where is not, for example Mannheim, Groningen, Amsterdam etc arent too busy yet in the exclusion zone, yet calais, paris are busy and not in it. I did a rough drawing on the map just to show a better exclusion zone.
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