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  1. Don't know whether I'm stupid or not, but I can't get Wintermod to show up. Even after following the installation process. Decided to check the checksums too, and they all match.
  2. Game: ETS2 and ATS Mod Version: Controllers Used: Logitech G920 + H-Shifter Description of Issue: I was driving along, and suddenly I'm not able to send or receive messages. After 2 minutes, I'll see my messages come back up, as being sent. However, everything around me stops moving, so in one instance on ETS2, I had the game 'freeze' and I ran straight into the back of a truck in front of me that was there on my screen but wasn't there on their screen. How to reproduce: I'm not sure. Screenshots / Videos: (I was travelling at 100km/h before coming to a dead stop hitting the truck in front.)
  3. thanks for the follow stranger 

  4. I was just online, and have to say, my experience of the new reporting system has left me unimpressed. I reported 3 players, one for "car hauling a trailer", and two for "reckless driving" and "overtaking causing accidents". All three reports came back with the players involved not getting into trouble. I guess that means players can now get away with even more, since the admins don't seem to properly look at reports. Cheers! P.S If any of you say I should record - I can't due to not having a good enough PC for it.
  5. As much as this was a great event, I can't help but be really annoyed at a lack of communication between some of the admins. Not going to name the one who kicked me, but can the admins just make sure they fully understand what is allowed and not allowed next time?
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