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  1. SejuX

    Future of ETS.

    A lot of answers. :O WOW
  2. SejuX

    Future of ETS.

    Wow. :O A lot of answers! I like your ideas too.
  3. I think buses won't come in 2019. SCS is not giving a lot of info about them
  4. SejuX

    Future of ETS.

    I'd like to those countries too.
  5. SejuX

    Future of ETS.

    At the moment we have 1,33. But what would you like to see in 1.34? Or maybe 1.35. Maybe new DLC's. Your choice.
  6. Ummmm..... it'll be worse than Europort on weekends.
  7. I think you should use DAF. DAF is pretty cheap and basic but it's good choice for new players. Also in my opinion it looks awesome. But if you don't like DAF then you can try with Scania.
  8. Wow, guys! A lot of beauty trucks! You are so creative! KEEP IT GOIN!
  9. Okay so, go on same server in MP. Then go to same city and enjoy playing with friend. Not that hard
  10. I really recommend Scandinavia for you. Scandinavia has really nice objects and it's cheap. It'll be the best choice at the moment.
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