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  1. If it's double white or there's clearly traffic coming yet they still want to barge in then no- they should be the one slowing down and falling back, if it's permissible and safe then I will facilitate
  2. Unfortunately there is a considerable amount of homophobia and hostility towards the LGBT community amongst the players, we just need to rewind a few months to when TMP changed their Facebook profile picture to the rainbow design for pride month. An unfortunate number of the comments simply came from ignorance, being uninformed, and bigotry. It could also be because many of the players are rather young (primary- middle school) and haven't learnt a more dignified and mature vocabulary yet.
  3. (HK) JW9304

    ETS2 2019

    For the Scania to actually have a proper sounding horn
  4. Any of us who lives in snowy climates will know that being unable to control your own vehicle in slippery conditions and causing an accident constitutes as reckless/careless driving. Think of it as driving in snow/ice without winter tyres (which is stupidly allowed in most of Canada and the USA). I tested and crashed a few times (into guard rails/ditches) when I first enabled the mod in a remote area to get a feel of it, then have been on the C-D road without any problems. Just keep in mind massive under-steer and very long braking distance. Highest speed I could safely take those curves without sliding into oncoming lane were around 70, when normally you can do up to 100+ with a 20t cargo. If there is stopped traffic in front, apply full braking and turn on hazard lights way in advance to warn others behind, it may seem like there is a lot of distance left, but then you realise your vehicle is hardly slowing down and the next thing you know is that you need to make it to the shoulder to stop without hitting the person in front. Also keep an eye on the mirror for those behind too. TLDR: slow way down and turn your wheel more, brake to the fullest and early because you will keep sliding, turn on hazards to warn others they will need to full brake too.
  5. The single file road between Latvia and St. Petersburg looks promising if there was more traffic
  6. If they can coincide with 1.30 release that'll be the best
  7. Minor details...but that's what part of makes this game so great...they need to change the horn and make the turn signal sound realistic. Can't be hard to do that~
  8. Hope they will fix the horn and turn signal indicator sound. I think Mighty Griffin will be included once it's out of test mode.
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