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  1. I have checked if i downgraded to the right version, and i did. Have tried to delete ETS2 and MP folders in Documents, and then start the game. Still won't. I dont have a " profiles(1.25.x.xs).bak" folder. Have also tried to verify game cache. Nothing worked.
  2. No one with other solutions? This is what happens ^^ even though i have downgraded to 1.24. SgtBreadStick: have tried but it still won't
  3. Hey I got a problem with ETS2 Multiplayer. I have updated multiplayer to the newest version and downgraded the game to the 1.24 version. Still i get the message that i have to downgrade. Have tried all the other versions, still won't let me play. I have both tried to reinstall the game and delete the ETS2 and ETS2MP folders under my documents, but it still won't. Anyone with a solution? Thanks.
  4. Seems like i got this problem too.
  5. Speedah


    Ok, solved. Thank you all guys.
  6. Speedah


    RayRay5: So i have to make all these deliveries too?
  7. Speedah


    I have done that, 2 times also... Taking every single type of cargo, still haven't got it
  8. Speedah


    Well, are you not just taking one by one from the left top of the screen when you are in quick jobs, where you can choose types of cargo?
  9. Speedah


    Hey I can't get this achievement unlocked "Experience beats all" - Complete deliveries with all trailer types. I have completed with all trailer types 2 times, to be sure - still haven't got it. Anybody else having this problem or experience with it?
  10. Speedah


    So i found a load again today from Debrecen to Cardiff with a land distance over 2200km, and as i came to the company in Debrecen, the job wasn't there..
  11. Speedah


    Yes, i have Going East and Scandinavia. It helped me to reset the economy, found a job from Szeged (i think) to Plymouth to about € 140k, but when i arrived to the company to pick up the trailer, it was already taken Anyway - thanks for your input guys
  12. Speedah


    You sure that ferry or train is included here? Or should i find a job which land distance is over 2200 km.
  13. Speedah


    Hey I need the achievement, where you have to complete a job, where the distance is over 2200 km and the price over 130000€. I have been searching for a job with these things, for over a month. Just can't find it. The distance with the ferry doesn't count, right? Will it work, when playing with ProMods, or something? Has some of you guys completed it?
  14. Speedah

    Winter mod

    Yeah. Thanks for your answers. Could be much more fun and realistic to play on snowy roads (and more) when its winter time.
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