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  1. Suggestion Name: New game mode - Traffic only between certain citys

    Suggestion Description: Adding a server where every week you change the country where peoples are allowed to drive.

    Why should it be added?: Increasing traffic / simulation (?) in areas where there isn't almost anyone

    Any example images: 


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  2. @ojambo
    Many games have all the DLC inside the base game but everytime you join the game, they will check if you have purchased the installed items on your vehicle / inventory etc.
    Without the "Check" you can easly edit your save file and get DLC parts by free.

    Unfortunatly, only SCS can do this and I don't think they will actualy..

    The only thing TMP can do is replacing DLC parts of a truck with base file, as they already did with the wheels and paint jobs. If you have DLC wheel or paint job and someone else doesn't, the player will only see the base wheel ( the first one you see when you buy a truck) or they only see a default paint (white paint, orange paint etc..)

    This is a 2 years old topic and nothing happened, so.. I think they will never do this.. gg

  3. Suggestion Name: Skin from Trailer to Truck

    Suggestion Description: Allowing peoples to use Paint_jobs from trailers on trucks

    Why should it be added?: Some trailer skins mach nicely on truck and doesn't make the game to crash.

    Any example images: 



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  4. Suggestion Name: ProMods 1 Higher on the list

    Suggestion Description: Put ProMods 1 higher on the list server. It's frustrating to enter a wrong server because a new "One time use" server has been added to the List. 

    Any example images: 

    Why should it be added?: May peoples will easly see it and join the server and  It's frustrating to enter a wrong server because a new "One time use" server has been added to the List. 

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  5. On 11/10/2019 at 3:40 PM, Ouskiller said:

    It really isn't hard, i would say 130 starts getting tricky.

    Drive with stability at 0% - 25%, let's see how you handle it, I think you can't ahah 😅

    On 12/1/2019 at 6:27 AM, Ouskiller said:



    Please, learn to drive at 85km/h before releasing a video 😆

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  6. In 5 years, only 3 In-Game reports were even viewed, others just disapeared after a couple of minutes because of too many reports and not so many In-Game admins..

    As you, I've a bad connection and I'm not gonna report on web site. Even with a good connection.. meh, seriusly, do I've to play for fun or to report players? If the second is the answer, let the trolls do what they want; I will drive into DLC maps and so everything is solved.



  7. Suggestion Name: Change or make it more undestandable (With picture for example)

    Suggestion Description: Make the rule 3.3 more accurate and add some picture for more undestandable reasons..

    §3.3 - Floating and clipping parts*

    It is not permitted to use parts which float from the truck or trailer, such as floating cargo models (even if only one object in the model is floating). It is not permitted to use any parts which cause models to clip through each other, such as a cargo model which clips through the truck cab - minor clipping such as between the parts of a hybrid truck are permitted.

    Any example images: 

    With this r_grill, the beacon and the horn seems to be attached to the cab, this is 100% realistic as many trucks (almost all) have horns attached directly on the cab, not on grills:
    r_grill spoiler:





    1x b_grill from mercedes

    1x b_grill from DAF DLC:



    It only float for more or less 3cm from the truck..


    On Renault Premium, it only float for 1cm or less:





    I can understand this:

    No, this can't be allowed:




    Why should it be added?: Objects like the one I've put on my 2 trucks (picture inside above spoilers) doesn't hurt anyone, doesn't affect my gameplay and doesn't affect the other's players gameplay. Those objects doesn't float 1km away from the truck.. 

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