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  1. As far as I know, it's just a simple toggle to enable it. http://prntscr.com/rxla8r However, players can just load up the Skoda mod in singleplayer and put lights/sirens on or just wait for an event.
  2. I'm a little lost on what you mean. Do I think we need to close the train crossing for a train? Well, the train has collision, so we'd get destroyed if the train hit us without closing the barriers. So yes, we need to close the tracks off.
  3. Traffic has more or less stayed the same. But the jam at the repair is less-likely to occur so far. The addition of the traffic light before going into Duisburg has helped a lot to stop crashes from people pulling out when someone isn't going into Duisburg. The road definitely hasn't decreased in traffic. Earlier today Duisburg was still backed up, but the line went all the way to the light instead of just at the old repair entrance. Flow definitely feels improved as long as people respect the lights.
  4. You seem to have misunderstood all of that. Real-world experience does not apply to TMP. I've been a member of society long enough to know that's the case. Accidents do not just happen, that's right. Never claimed otherwise. But they do happen, either due to a bug, some lag, or even desync. Every accident is preventable. It just takes more than once person to avoid it. If you don't try to avoid a collision, you're just as guilty as the guy causing it by speeding and overtaking when unsafe to do so. If someone is overtaking you in an unsafe manner, give them room. Simple as that. We
  5. I've been driving TMP since 2015. During my travels, the worst players are not the ones driving fast. It's the ones that get stressed out by others playing how they want to play. I can drive the speed limit on C-D road all day long. It's about half 60km/h and half 80km/h. I stick to the right edge of the road. You know how many people pass me, going well above those speeds? Hundreds, maybe thousands. A good portion of them turn on their hazards after passing to say thanks for leaving them room. Of course I get those that repeatedly flash their lights at me like I'm in the wrong or
  6. I have about 20 trucks, 5 given to my drivers(to help pay for what trolls I do run into, one a month or so), 15 that I swap around daily. There was an achievement for driving 5,000km with every truck(or truck brand, don't remember). After I got that achievement, I just kept swapping between trucks. My most-driven so far is a specific white mid-tier Scania R with 70,000km. I have a couple other trucks with 30,000km give or take. A handful with 10,000km or less. Depending on how I feel, and the types of loads I feel like taking, I'll take different trucks. If there's a certain traile
  7. Since I do not own that particular DLC, your truck will just appear white to me. Krone DLC is the only one I can think of that states what it is. Other missing trailer DLC is just a blank placeholder trailer.
  8. But for a standard 3 axle truck with a standard-sized trailer, it's fully possible to make that turn in the entirety of the turn lane with room to spare. Difficult to master, but a worthy skill to learn.
  9. I am one who keeps my headlights on as long as the vehicle is in motion on the road. I am 100% against people running their brights at any time in TMP. My reasons for keeping my headlights on are as follows: Weather is not synced. As such, while it may be bright and sunny for me, it may be a rain storm for another player. If they can't see me because my lights are off, who is at fault? Obviously me. Rule-wise, they are. But realistically, I am. Daytime Running Lights law requires headlights if you do not have sufficient DRLs. Not all trucks in the game have proper DRLs. The only
  10. I've never had TFM positively affect my experience. Music choice is typically not one that I enjoy. It does not give information in a way that is beneficial to me. "C-D road has a jam at the Brussel-Rotterdam intersection". Yeah, I already know that. Thanks. Traffic updates from TFM aren't that great. Aside from that, my experience with TFM is limited. I think it's an unnecessary addition. It's cool to have and brings some people together, but it's not for me.
  11. I join convoys of people that I'm comfortable playing with. Used to ride in convoys all the time in 2016-2018, but as time goes on people get busy and it's hard to find groups that get along well with replacements. These days I mostly drive solo in MP. It helps with some mental issues being surrounded by people I don't know. I prefer larger convoys for empty areas, and smaller convoys for high-pop areas.
  12. Responding to OP: 110 needs to reconsider? You're right. 90km/h would be much better suited for the Simulation servers than some absurd 110. General response: I follow the limit. I don't care that someone else is going 110+. If they hit anyone, it's their fault. Not mine. Limits are limits, not minimums. If I want to go 110, I will go 110. If I want to go 50 in a 60, I will. There are no rules against it, just like there are no rules against going over it. If you are going the limit, you are technically already speeding. All are free to pass me, however I will not help
  13. Regarding your question in the QnA about ghost mode, in my experience you and they will stay ghosted inside of each other until you fully exit. You won't be banned just from driving inside each other.

  14. I'd like to add, though it may be unrelated, this same issue occurs(softlock) if you press F1 while you have chat up. You can type, but can't press Enter, F1, Escape, or any other keys. It's a softlock and it's the same state as what this post is reporting, which is also happening to me.
  15. G29 + H-shifter. Also a USB-encoder that I bound some additional functions to that wouldn't fit on the wheel. I will eventually make a faceplate for it to turn it into a button box, but I'm still collecting parts for it.
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