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  1. Donated some money for truckersMP-Nice work guys ;):)

  2. Happy birthday! I wish you all the best.

    1. Penguin


      Thank you!!

  3. I obey all the laws of the road at all times. The high road is difficult to do it, but it enhances the simulation
  4. I wish you an amazing weekend:)
    You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a truck, and that’s pretty close.:troll:
    Have a nice trucking!B):tmp:

  5. Rated 9/10 This DLC is really beautiful,but they are too easy to control (no simulation what I expected) On the other hand, are fun and sometimes can enjoy simulation(if u get friends and they like convoys) Wish thandems could be the first out,because it would be a challenge even for experienced drivers (like me, with my g25) But the ETS 2 continues toflourish, truckersMP command becomes stronger, and all of this made satisfaction and enjoyable gaming.
  6. Have a nice  day,but before it,take calm down and go to bed:troll:


  7. Good job TruckersMP! #PrayForManchester Already prayed with my family
  8. You have to remember that the hard days are what make you stronger
    Have nice monday!

  9. Don't be rude,respect TruckersMP team work
  10. Good Job and have luck for this big mod making multiplayer compatibility!
  11. successful the last working day:)

  12. Have a nice day!;)

  13. I think cars are too much,becouse most of people use they for fun, rather than enjoy the truck simulation. + I wish you could add in multiplayer one old truck per each category
  14. Hi!
    1.27 is out now in steam. Would like to ask you a question,can go online 1.27 on next day?

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    2. Sven67


      Soon there will be a new version of mp

    3. [LV] Sandro

      [LV] Sandro

      Check updetes,it's not on beta,it's now out.

      I just would waite for the MP updeite:)

    4. [GER]Loading...


      Just wait then...

      If guys like you spam on status of dev they will not work faster..

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