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  1. where you're going to double trailer

    1. KrazyMudkip


      double trailers are never



      coming to mp

    2. Umut Can Arslan

      Umut Can Arslan

      THEN WHY DID YOU INTRODUCED THEM ?? @krazymudkip

    3. KrazyMudkip


      it was never introduced


      the staff team only had them to test the physics

      but the physics on ets2 doesn't like it,

      so no dt

  2. Ets2 Offline funciona perfeitamente. multiplayer does not turn on the second screen
  3. Hello! Good Morning! I'm Lucas Special Cargo Carrier group, Brazilian and use google translator. I'm having trouble logging into multiplayer with 2 monitors ... Only with the ETS Offline .. Can you help me? I downloaded a DLL d3d9.dll and placed in the bin x86 folder to the operation of offline ... In multiplayer do not know what to do.
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