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  1. I can see that it is a great idea to set up and build a Headquarters for TMP that we are all a part of. However though, this event should've been active in summer when it is possible to see most of the players in the server. Moreover, while understanding the amount of work behind the scenes, a map update for Wroclaw would be useful as for obvious reasons.
  2. I am using an iMac 5K which has AMD graphics card and Intel i5 processor. It is possible to run TMP on Mac via Boot Camp however since keyboard layout of the original keyboard is designed for MacOS, it can be a little complex to make keyboard shortcuts such as Alt+Tab on Windows. Additionally I have some lag issues on TMP when I connect my iPhone to same Wi-Fi as my iMac. Other than that, generally it is not bad. As it comes to bootcamp issues, you can find many support articles on Apple's support website. The way I've done Boot Camp was downloading Windows 10 and start the Boot Camp procedure by starting Boot Camp Assistant.
  3. Hi, Suggestion Name: Multiplayer for MacOS Suggestion Description: Making multiplayer compatible to MacOS Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Because both of the games are compatible games for MacOS and there are some numbers of people using MacOS who are also playing ETS2 and ATS.
  4. What if I have more than 6 bans already?
  5. Can't imagine Rotterdam right now . Nice update tho'
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